UPDATED: Victim identified in Wednesday stabbing incident

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Police believe stabbing occurred near Shelby County line, but victim was dropped off at Elk Creek Grocery

By Shannon Brock

Kentucky State Police have released the identity of man who was stabbed and then dropped off in the Elk Creek Grocery parking lot on Wednesday afternoon.


The victim is Jason Hill, 29, of Branchville, Ind.

On Wednesday, at approximately 4:40 p.m., the Shelby County dispatch received a 911 call from the victim. He reported that he had been stabbed several times, but could not provide his location, according to a news release from KSP.

The Shelby County dispatch was able to trace the 911 cell phone call, giving a possible location of Ky. 55 south of Shelbyville to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department and Shelby County EMS.

A Kentucky State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer heard the compliant on his county radio and advised Post 12 that he would be assisting the sheriff’s office.

A KSP Frankfort Post dispatcher then passed the information to all KSP and CVE units in the area, according to the release. 

At 4:54 p.m., Hill was dropped off in the Elk Creek Grocery Store parking lot in Spencer County.

Law enforcement in the area were unable to locate the vehicle or persons that dropped off the victim.

Hill was flown to the University of Louisville Hospital via Air Methods helicopter and he was admitted with non-life threatening injuries, the news release said. 

The stabbing is believed to have occurred in the area of Ky. 55 and Airport Drive north of Taylorsville, the news release said.

Lanny Hollar, the manager at Elk Creek Grocery, said he was sweeping outside Wednesday afternoon when he saw a small four-door vehicle pull in close to the liquor store.

"A young white male kind of halfway fell out the back door," Hollar said. "I looked at him and he said, 'Help me, help me, I've been stabbed.'"

Hollar said he then dropped the broom and started toward the vehicle, which he says had two other white males in the front.

Hollar said the closer he got to the car, the more it began to move away and the victim slid the rest of the way out.

Hollar yelled at the car to stop twice, he said, but it sped away.

"I started chasing them trying to get them to stop," he said.

Hollar said the car had Colorado tags and said he gave a partial license plate number to investigators.

A clerk from the liquor store called 911, and a Kentucky State Police car arrived on scene in "less than a minute," Hollar said.

"They were in the area," he said, noting that as soon as the car sped away, he saw state police coming up the hill with lights on.

Apparently, the police cars were responding to Hill's call that went through to Shelby County dispatch as the 911 call came into the dispatch at KSP Post 12.

Hollar said he tried to motion to state police to follow the car that had dropped the victim off, but the police car circled around and stopped at the scene.

The first EMS unit to arrive on the scene was a Shelby County unit, Hollar said.

Hollar said at first he saw blood around the neck area of the victim and thought he'd been stabbed in the neck, but later realized he'd been stabbed in the lower part of the body.

Hill was airlifted from Ky. 55 in front of the grocery around 5:15 p.m.

The investigation is ongoing by KSP Post 12.

Among the agencies responding to the grocery were the Spencer County Sheriff's Department, Spencer County EMS, Shelby County EMS and Kentucky State Police.