Who's the boss?

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By Jon Rohr

Have you seen the new TV show “Undercover Boss?”  It’s pretty simple; the CEO of a big company goes “undercover” in his company to see what is really happening. It is really a great illustration of a very Biblical principle.

 Jesus said “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.” (Mk 9:35)  That idea of servant leadership is powerful.  Servant leaders aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.  Servant leaders see things from the inside.  Servant leaders connect with people, feel their joys and sorrows, and touch their lives in a very personal way.

 We really need more servant leaders.  We need leaders in our churches who connect with people, who understand what it is to sweat and struggle for a living.  We need leaders in our businesses, who understand that the bottom line is not the only line!  People matter and the people we work with, we also work for.  We need business leaders who understand that taking care of employees IS taking care of business!  We need servant leaders in government who are less interested in power than in people.  We need servant leaders in our schools who are more interested in students than in schedules.

 In just about every area of life, from Church to School, from business to government, leaders get isolated.  And that is never good!  Our leaders need to find ways to draw close.  A servant leader draws close to the people he serves; she draws close to the people who help out along the way.  A servant leader always makes people the priority.  

 And the church should be a real example of servant leadership.  If we are going to make a real difference in our community, then we need to be out in the community. The closer we get to people, the more we can understand what they really need.

 That is what Jesus did.  He walked among us.  He left his throne in heaven to become one of us.  He came to serve and to show his love for us.  And whether you are a business bigwig or the checker at the local convenience store, Jesus is the real boss.  He knows us from the inside out and He still loves us.

 Submit yourself to his leadership.  And then, when you have a chance to lead, lead like Jesus. Become a servant leader.