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  • COLUMN: Promises, promises ... and New Year’s Resolutions

    There are some differences between the two words. I believe that a promise is when the person chooses to do, or not to do, a certain thing. For example, a choice is made (an often used promise) that “I’m going to lose weight.” This promise may not have been made strong enough for it to get done.
    It appears that a resolution may be an attempt to put some “teeth” into that promise is now more of a determination, a firm decision, to actually do that.

  • COLUMN: Winter break a perfect time to bake up some memories

    School will be out for almost two more weeks, and it is time to find things to do to occupy the kids and create memories. Baking cookies together is one way to create lasting memories and teach the kids a little about measurements, too.

  • COLUMN: Happy Holidays? Seasons Greetings? Merry Christmas?

    Which is it for you? I still prefer the last one. Why? Because it has always been Christmas on Dec. 25. And, because the first two are fairly new versions that have emerged more recently.
    When I was a child (back in ancient history) I can remember that Christmas was only Christmas, not a “season” to greet someone, or a “holiday” that is supposed to also be happy. I was raised that there are, in fact, four seasons: summer, fall, winter and spring. And, on that note, there are many holidays besides this one we usually celebrate all year long.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Check out these financial tips for those marrying later in life

    Dear Savvy Senior
    What are the financial issues that come with remarrying later in life? I’ve been seeing a wonderful man for two years, and we’ve been talking about marriage, but I want to make sure we understand all the possible financial consequences before getting hitched.
    Single Senior

    Dear Single,

  • COLUMN: Salt dough ornaments fun, easy to make

    Most years, our family puts up a large artificial Christmas tree that we have had for many years. This year, however, we have a tiny tree, a little tabletop tree instead. It is a real tree though, and that makes me happy because that is what I had as a child.

  • STRESS: Too much equals physical, emotional problems

    Stress — who has it? Everybody. Even children, who are not aware of the overall stressors that their parents are experiencing, and the parents falsely believe that their stress is real stress and the child is experiencing a much more tolerable level than they are.

  • Pinterest: A plethora of ideas

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Can your Social Security check be garnished?

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    I have some outstanding debts and would like to find out if my Social Security checks can be garnished. What can you tell me?
    Old and Indebt

    Dear Old,
    Whether your Social Security benefits are garnishable or not depends on who you owe. Banks and other financial creditors, for example, can’t touch your Social Security checks. But if Uncle Sam is collecting on a debt, some of your benefits are fair game. Here’s what you should know.

    Creditor Protections

  • COLUMN: Some savvy tips for tracking down a lost pension

    Dear Savvy Senior
    How does one go about tracking down a lost pension? About 35 years ago, I worked at a manufacturing company for a few years that offered employee pensions, and I want to find out if I’m eligible for any money now that I’m about to retire.  
    Searching Steven

    Dear Steven,

  • COLUMN: Too much stress equals overload

    A national magazine shows a cartoon: a man sitting at a desk looking anxiously at five barometers on the nearby wall. One barometer is labeled Job Pressure, another states Financial Pressure, another reads Family Pressure, another reads Time Pressure, and the last of the five reads Social Pressure.
    While looking at this cartoon, the viewer produces a knowing smile, however, no one needs to have these five barometers to remind the viewer of severe daily pressures.