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  • COLUMN: Rebuilding after divorce (Part 2)

    Oh my, where are the fairy-tale characters? Why can’t we believe that these fairy tales are real? Well, because I’m not sure that there is any chance that a princess or prince charming will ever show up in your life. It didn’t happen for my wife and I when we married nearly 50 years ago after courting as teenagers for more than three years. We still are each other’s best friend, but it has not been a fairy-tale adventure.

  • Have a hankering for some deep south cuisine?

    One of the oldest and best of the truly American dishes enjoyed all across our country is corn pudding — sweet, just-ripe summer corn freshly cut from its cob, delicately seasoned and bound in a rich custard. It’s so popular that many Americans may be better acquainted with its out of season version made with canned cream-style corn. But while that’s good, it simply can’t compare with one made from fresh-from-the-field corn so naturally sweet that some old cookbooks suggested serving it with wine sauce as a dessert.

  • COLUMN: Rebuilding after the pains of divorce

    Because divorce has a tendency to affect all areas of life, it is vitally important for those who have been, or are presently going through divorce, to be of some assistance to help each individual to make sure they keep on having hope that life goes on. The process of divorce can leave one believing that life is over (at least it feels that way). Today’s article will hopefully begin to help in the rebuilding process that keeps life intact and develops a quality of life, although that may presently seem impossible.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Help available to seniors with low vision

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    What resources can you recommend to help seniors with incurable vision impairment? My wife has macular degeneration and has become very discouraged.
    Looking for Help

    Dear Looking,
    Unfortunately, there are nearly 2 million Americans, like your wife, living with macular degeneration today, making everyday tasks like cooking dinner, reading the newspaper or watching television extremely challenging. Here are some resources that can help.

    Vision Rehabilitation

  • COLUMN: Childhood memories have a lasting effect

    Whether you were raised as an only child, one with several siblings, raised as a foster child, or adopted, whether you were raised with both parents still married or divorced, this can/will often have a minor or major impact on childhood, other things being considered.
    Not all children who have been raised with divorced parents, for example, are subject to the same patterns of care or lack thereof. Some children have spent the better part of their childhood raised in an orphanage with only substitute-type parenting.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Getting savvy about reverse mortgages: Make sure you know all the facts before making a commitment

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    Where can I get reliable, unbiased information on reverse mortgages? My wife and I are thinking about getting one but want to do some research first.
    Need Money

    Dear Need,
    For seniors that are house rich but cash poor, a reverse mortgage is a viable option, but there’s a lot to know and consider to be sure it’s a good choice for you. Here are some tips and tools to help you research this complex financial product.

  • Back to school snacks for hungry students

    Kid-friendly meals with a tropical twist

    Is your family tired of eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Not sure if trying a new recipe fits into your busy schedule? It’s easier than you think to break out of the usual routine, especially when you have a quick, kid-friendly recipe that brings a taste of the tropics to your meals.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Golf gadgets that can help older golfers

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    Do you know of any golfing gadgets or equipment that can help senior golfers? My 78-year-old dad loves to play golf, but arthritis in his hands makes griping the club difficult. He also has a hard time bending over to tee up or retrieve the ball. Is there anything out there that can help?
    Helpful Son

    Dear Helpful,

  • COLUMN: So, who’s listening, anyway?

    Have you ever been in a conversation with someone, whether spouse, friend or family member, and you just knew that the person you were addressing was not listening, yet they were looking at you the whole time you were talking? Well, when this happens it can be a mild or major source of irritation, even anger.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Learn how to search for forgotten money your loved ones left behind

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    I’ve heard that there are resources available that can help people look for lost or forgotten money left behind by their deceased relatives. When my mother and father passed away their financial affairs were in such a mess, I’m wondering if there was anything I overlooked. What can you tell me?
    Searching Son

    Dear Searching,