At Home

  • Columnist attempts to answer the question, ‘What is love?’

    Love has many shapes, many forms of expressions, and .... many flaws. When that word has been expressed by one of my many clients over the past four decades, it seems to often be misunderstood or unaccepted.

  • A merry blackberry dessert

    Blackberries are one of my favorite aspects of summer. I love picking berries when the weather is nice, and I love eating them so much that I will pick them even when it is hot.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Voluntourism — a growing alternative travel option among retirees

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    Can you write a column on volunteer vacations? My husband and I are both in our ‘60s and are interested in taking a service-oriented “altruistic” vacation this summer but could use some help.
    Retired Travelers

    Dear Retired,
    If you’re looking to do more on your vacation than relax in the sun or go sightseeing, volunteer service vacations — also known as voluntourism — are a great alternative and a growing trend among retirees. Here’s what you should know.

  • Asian glazed drumsticks are sticky, tangy and delicious

    I stumbled upon my young daughter’s new favorite dish by accident last week. The story illustrates what makes cooking so much fun for me, and how adapting even a new recipe can have great results.

  • Sticky, salty, crunchy, sweet

    I first had Tacky Toffee at a cookie exchange with my moms group in December 2009. I loved the salty/sweet/chocolate combination, and found a way to bring home extra servings. I asked for the recipe and made it several times over the next few weeks. My family does not like nuts, so I had to find people to share the toffee with me. Otherwise, the whole batch could be gone in hours. It is that good.

  • COLUMN: When the ideal becomes the ordeal

    Oh yes, it can happen, even to the point where one or both partners begins to wonder if maybe a “new deal” would be an alternative. Well, that can be what the “ideal” marriage has finally become, often much to the surprise of both partners who started out on this blissful trip until “death do us part”.
    Usually the couple intended to have their marriage be idyllic, which Webster’s dictionary describes as “pleasing or picturesque in natural simplicity.” In other words, wonderful, enjoyable, happily in love with each other.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: An ethical will? What is that?

    Dear Savvy Senior
    What can you tell me about ethical wills? My wife and I had to make some minor adjustments to our legal will last month, and our attorney suggested we create an ethical will as a way to explain our intentions and express our thoughts and feelings. We are interested in doing this but could use some help. What can you tell me?
    Planning Ahead

    Dear Planning,

  • COLUMN: The couples that play together, stay together

    What in the world does it mean for a couple to play together and stay together? Are you telling me that if we play together, we will more than likely stay together for the long haul? Yes.
    Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s explain what this really means as it relates to the full enjoyment of your marriage.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Seniors: Here are some savvy ways to understand your medical bills

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    I need some help understanding my medical bills from my knee replacement surgery earlier this year. My wife and I live on a pretty tight budget, so I like to keep track of our costs as closely as possible. But the bills I’ve received are vague and confusing, and we think we’re being overcharged. What can you tell us?
    Trying To Recover

    Dear Trying,

  • SAVVY SENIOR: There is financial assistance for grandparents who find themselves raising grandchildren

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    Are there any types of financial assistance programs that can help grandparents who are raising their grandkids? I have two grandchildren who are about to permanently move in with my husband and me, and we could use some help.
    Parents Again

    Dear Parents: