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  • Counselor's Corner: Father's Day - a day to honor him

    Father, dad, daddy, papa — these are the many names given to a man by his children. It is a wonderful privilege to be known by any of these names.
    So let’s spend some time together as it relates to what this name really means, and how to live up to the expectations therein.
    First of all, this column will address only those things which will benefit and enhance the term attached to the man referred to by his offspring, whether as the birth, adoptive, foster or stepfather, and any other name which has been accepted by him and his family.

  • The Savvy Senior: Lost life insurance?

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    When my father passed away we thought he had a life insurance policy, but we haven’t been able to track it down. Do you know of any resources that might help?
    Searching Family

    Dear Searching,
    Lost or forgotten life-insurance policies are actually quite common in the U.S. In fact, it’s estimated that around $1 billion in benefits from unclaimed life-insurance policies are waiting to be claimed by their rightful beneficiaries.

  • Dutch ovens provide countless one-pot meal options


  • Simple television remotes designed for seniors

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    Can you recommend some easy-to-use television remote controls for seniors? I got my 74-year-old mother a new HDTV for her birthday, but the remote control is very confusing for her to operate.
    Shopping Son

    Dear Shopping,

  • Significance: We all have it

    The column this week can be one of the most important, yet can be painful if you are or know someone who feels, “I just don’t fit in ... they just don’t like me.”
    Having been an elementary teacher for one year before I became a school psychologist in the public school system, I experienced some of the visual pains that were displayed in some of the faces of some of the nicest kids I worked with. I felt some of them when I was a child, as well.

  • Throw the best party on the block

    Nothing brings people together quite like a neighborhood picnic or family celebration. So, gather up neighbors, friends and family for a celebration of great food and fun.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: How to use herbal supplements safely

    Dear Savvy Senior
    Are herbal supplements safe for seniors who are taking other prescription medications? I have a friend who swears by them, but I want to be sure before I take anything new.
    Cautious Carol

    Dear Carol,

  • COLUMN: Do you talk too much or too little?

    Have you noticed how many people seem to have a never-ending supply of words, often spoken rapidly, even at warp speed, trying to say as many words as possible in the shortest length of time.
    Well, maybe if you are one of those, it would be helpful to give your listener a chance to respond to your long presentation. While there are many like I just described, there are also many who have so few words, that some elaboration is needed. One or two words is not enough.

  • This cake is a ‘jam’ you’ll want to get into

    Jam is usually reserved for bread and biscuits, but the Kentucky tradition of jam cake takes it to another level. Jam cake is a spice cake that is often served in layers with cream cheese frosting or caramel, and sometimes another frosting altogether.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Expand your social security

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    I’ve heard that there are strategies available that can help married couples increase their Social Security benefits when they retire. My wife and I are approaching retirement age and would like to understand these options. What can you tell us?
    Getting Prepared

    Dear Getting,