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  • There are some differences between the two words. I believe that a promise is when the person chooses to do, or not to do, a certain thing. For example, a choice is made (an often used promise) that “I’m going to lose weight.” This promise may not have been made strong enough for it to get done.
    It appears that a resolution may be an attempt to put some “teeth” into that promise is now more of a determination, a firm decision, to actually do that.

  • School will be out for almost two more weeks, and it is time to find things to do to occupy the kids and create memories. Baking cookies together is one way to create lasting memories and teach the kids a little about measurements, too.

  • Preliminary U.S. Department of Agriculture reports indicate Kentucky agricultural cash receipts for January through September totaled $3.6 billion, 10 percent higher than 2011’s record level for the same period. Despite weather impacts on yield and high feed costs, agricultural economists with the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture foresee 2012’s cash receipts in the state will total $5.3 billion.

  • If there was anything that I came to understand more profoundly this year, it would have to be the power of instinct: mine, our animals and the forces of ideologies of which I agree and disagree. I reread my year-end column from 2011, which reminded me of where I was 12 months ago; it helps me better appreciate where I am today. It seems we didn’t do too badly, after all, and it’s all because both Andy and I recognize the power of instinct.

  • Christmas day has come and gone. Today many of us are enjoying a few minutes to catch our breath.  There are probably still a few lingering presents under the tree or maybe one more family get together, but the explosion of wrapping paper and Christmas Stockings is pretty much done.
    Now we are waiting for the New Year.  

  • Magnet announces new deadlines for church announcements
    Beginning the week of Jan. 7, The Spencer Magnet will enforce new deadlines for church announcements.
    Any church page submissions must now be received the Wednesday prior to publication. 

  • Carolyn and David Travis will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with a reception on Sunday, Jan. 6, from 2 to 4 p.m. at Elk Creek Restaurant.

    The Travises were married Jan. 4, 1963, at Elk Creek Baptist Church by the Rev. Jack H. Richardson.
    They have one daughter, Debbie Nation and her husband, Keith, and two grandchildren, David Keith Nation and his girlfriend, Samantha Morris, and Stephanie Leann Nation.
    The couple requests no gifts.

  • Which is it for you? I still prefer the last one. Why? Because it has always been Christmas on Dec. 25. And, because the first two are fairly new versions that have emerged more recently.
    When I was a child (back in ancient history) I can remember that Christmas was only Christmas, not a “season” to greet someone, or a “holiday” that is supposed to also be happy. I was raised that there are, in fact, four seasons: summer, fall, winter and spring. And, on that note, there are many holidays besides this one we usually celebrate all year long.

  • Dear Savvy Senior
    What are the financial issues that come with remarrying later in life? I’ve been seeing a wonderful man for two years, and we’ve been talking about marriage, but I want to make sure we understand all the possible financial consequences before getting hitched.
    Single Senior

    Dear Single,