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  • Congressman Guthrie visits fifth graders
  • Options few as Nation Bros. close business

    Nation Bros., which has had the grim job of removing dead livestock from the county’s farms for 24 years, is out of business, owner Gabe Nation said.

    His family business is a casualty of an FDA regulation, set to go into effect this month, which requires the removal of brain and spinal cord tissues from cattle more than 30 months of age before they are rendered into pet or livestock feed. Nation said the rule would double his cost of doing business, and many of the 22 counties his company served could not meet the increase.

  • Pig Roast/Dancing with the Stars Spring Festival

    The Spencer County FFA Chapter and SCHS Dance Team will be holding the Pig  Roast/Dancing with the Stars Spring Festival  from 5 to 9 p.m. April 10.  There will be activities for the entire family.   The Dancing With the Stars will began at 7:00 p.m.  In addition to the pig, there also will be fish  for Lent.

  • Fair earns progressive award

    Recently member of the Spencer County Fair Board were awarded the Most Progressive Fair award for our district and our size. This is the second time we have won this award in the past several years. We won the most progressive fair for the entire state in 2006. We would like to thank the attendees of the fair events which help us to achieve this lofty prize.

  • Saving homes through foreclosure intervention

    Intervention is urgent to prevent more foreclosures here, according to a coalition of community partners forged to help those most at-risk of losing their homes. The group plans to provide financial counseling, legal aid, education  ––  and even money –– to keep families in their homes.

    Home foreclosures have already hit epidemic levels here ––  rates have nearly doubled since 2006, and last year more than 78 homes were foreclosed in the county.

  • PUBLIC RECORDS: Propery transfers and District court

    Property transfers

    The following property transfers were recorded in the County Clerk’s office during the month of December 2008

    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Nashville, TN to Michael R. and Anita Faye Roberts, Taylorsville. 321 Webb Ln. $105,000.

    David E. and Sandra J. Biggs, Taylorsville to David E. and Mildred Louise Nutgrass, Mt. Eden. 74 Park Place. $147,500.

  • Petitioning for alcohol sales

    Wet versus dry – the issue has not been voted on in more than 30 years, but residents may soon be able to voice their opinion on the sale of alcohol in Spencer County if enough signatures are collected on a petition being introduced today.

  • Riley wants a review of county occupational tax

    Elk Creek Magistrate John Riley asked that fiscal court review the county’s budget at the April 20 meeting to see if the occupational tax could be lowered.

    “In 2007, we found ourselves in a very different budget crisis,” said Riley. “We were past the deadline to impose an insurance premium tax to get us out of the hole we were in. At that point, our only option was an occupational tax.”

  • What's Happening

    Free trees

  • Last day for students May 29

    Spencer County won’t accept a governor’s pardon for school days missed because of winter ice storms. Instead, the district will extend its calendar to account for lost instructional time, according to Superintendent Chuck Adams.

    The last school day for students will likely be May 29, he said.

    Gov. Steve Beshear signed a bill late last month to allow districts to waive up to 10 missed days of school because of February’s havoc-wreaking ice storm. At its peak, the storm left almost 800,000 without power and cut off drinking water to more than 200,000.