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    Friends of Taylorsville Lake State
    Park Membership Meeting

    Friends of Taylorsville Lake State Park’s Annual Membership Meeting, chili dinner & silent auction. is Thursday, November 8 at 6:30 p.m. Spencer County-Taylorsville Chamber of Commerce building, 19 E. Main St., Taylorsville. We’ll review 2018 accomplishments and announce goals for 2019. There will be some great auction items, so bring your checkbook and your friends! FTLSP Board  - FTLSP.ORG
     SCMS Veterans Day
    Pancakes for Patriots

  • Library’s colorful new van will fill many purposes


  • Fundraiser to help local girl in battle with cancer


  • Construction continues on Park Duvalle Health Center


  • Two churches with shared history unite for service


  • Safety a priority for bus drivers

    They’re big and yellow, with an abundance of yellow and red flashing lights. It should be almost impossible to not notice a school bus, but some recent tragic accidents involving students trying to board or exit school buses are a reminder to local school officials and the public about some life-saving traffic rules that too many are not obeying.

  • Riley Wins Re-election; Taylorsville is getting a new Mayor


    Officials continue to count and check write-in votes, but it’s safe to declare the winners of the 2018 Spencer County election.

    Incumbent County Judge Executive John Riley, a Republican, won by a large margin over Democratic challenger Bobby Smith. Current Sheriff Buddy Stump, also a Republican, mounted an aggressive write-in campaign for the office, but there were fewer than 1,000 write-in ballots cast, and some of them might have gone to Lawrence Trageser, another write-in candidate for Judge-Executive.

  • Boo Humbug

    Trick-or-Treating wasn’t always a thing. There was a time when Halloween saw much more crime and chaos than chocolate and candy. That seemed to change after WWII and the tradition of visiting neighborhoods seemed to flourish for a few decades.

  • A list of our endorsements

    Tis the season when newspapers across the nation publish political endorsements. Most often, these are decided by newspaper staff members who arrogantly meet around a table and agree that they are better informed and more knowledgable than the average voter. So out of the goodness of their heart and civic minded charity, they share their superior knowledge with the general public in hopes that the election will turn out the way the newspaper prefers.
    So without further ado, here are our endorsements:

  • Can car deer whistles prevent collisions?

    It’s a common sight this time of year to see dead deer on the side of the road, victims of collisions with motorists. While often fatal for the deer, it can be very dangerous to drivers and very costly for motorists as deer collisions are one of the most common insurance claims this time of year.
    Tim Oliver, of Spencer County Insurance, said his office processed at least three claims on Monday, and this is a busy time of the year for such events.