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  • PHOTO: Fairytales come true at the fair

    Emily Hume tries to hold back tears as she is crowned Miss Spencer County Fair 2012 by reigning queen Caitlyn Wolz last Tuesday evening.

    For more pictures of this year's pageant winners, click here.

  • Federal mandate forces school lunch prices to go up 10 cents

    As Spencer County Public School students prepare to return to class next week, parents should know that they will have to dig a bit deeper into their pocketbooks to pay for school lunches.
    The increase is attributed to a federal mandate handed down by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service. In Spencer County, the increase is 10 cents for lunches. At the elementary level, prices are increasing from $2.10 to $2.20 and at the high school, a full-priced lunch will now be $2.35 as compared to last year’s $2.25.

  • Two Spencer school district employees served short-term suspensions

    The public can know very little about the recent short-term suspensions of two Spencer County Schools employees, but Superintendent Chuck Adams said that child safety was not compromised in either situation.
    Documents approved in the consent agenda by the Board of Education on July 23 revealed that Bear Care child care worker LeDora Holbrook was suspended with pay from July 12-20 and suspended without pay July 25-27.  Spencer County Middle School principal Ed Downs was also suspended without pay July 19-20.

  • Do it for Dawson

    The Taylorsville community has reason to be proud. In a matter of two days, it has made a deep impression on a family struggling through an intensely difficult time — an impression that is not likely to stop resonating anytime soon.

  • Elusive election

    Thirteen days — that’s how long candidates for city commission and other nonpartisan offices have to file their intent to run in the Spencer County Clerk’s office.
    As of Monday afternoon, no one had filed to run for any of the nonpartisan offices, including city commissioners, the Spencer County Board of Education and the Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisors.
    The deadline to file for each of those offices is Tuesday, Aug. 14, by 4 p.m.

  • Five arrested for trafficking crack cocaine

    In mid-July, the Taylorsville Police Department arrested five Spencer Countians and charged each of them with trafficking crack cocaine.

  • Public Record: District Court July 13 & 16

    The following cases were heard by Judge Linda Armstrong in Spencer District Court on July 13, 2012:

    Donald S. Guinn (1962), speeding 18 miles over the legal limit, guilty, state traffic school, $143 court costs.

    Justin Mack A. Hayes (1995), operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs first offense, guilty, $728 fine, alcohol and drug education program, 30 days suspended operator’s license.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Golf gadgets that can help older golfers

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    Do you know of any golfing gadgets or equipment that can help senior golfers? My 78-year-old dad loves to play golf, but arthritis in his hands makes griping the club difficult. He also has a hard time bending over to tee up or retrieve the ball. Is there anything out there that can help?
    Helpful Son

    Dear Helpful,

  • COLUMN: So, who’s listening, anyway?

    Have you ever been in a conversation with someone, whether spouse, friend or family member, and you just knew that the person you were addressing was not listening, yet they were looking at you the whole time you were talking? Well, when this happens it can be a mild or major source of irritation, even anger.

  • PHOTO: Back in action

    Spencer County Cross Country is back in action for the 2012 season. Jacob Johnson, Blake Richardson and Zach Williams hit the trails on the first official day of practice. Anyone interested in running this season should contact Coach Talley at 502-593-5756.