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  • PHOTO: Undefeated 8-0

    This team in the Third-grade Spencer County Basketball League went undefeated this season. Pictured, from left, are Coach Chris Ward, Carter Ward, Brayden Duke, Jackson Scott, Bradon Kerchner, Carmello Spencer, Brooke Barbour, Coach Rick Richardson and Coach Spanky Spencer. Teammate Cameron Smith is not pictured.

  • COLUMN: Domestic violence is a very serious family matter

    The teenage daughter, the couples’ only child, had been one of my clients for several months, had made some improvements, and seemed to be doing better at home and at school. Soon after her therapy program had been successfully completed, I became engaged with her parents due to a pattern of behavior I had been completely unaware of.

  • Public Record: District Court March 1

    The following cases were heard by judge Donna Dutton in Spencer District Court on March 1, 2013:

    Timonthy N. Schell (1957), resident fishing without a license/permit, guilty, $203 in court costs and fines to be paid in installments/deferred payment.

    Candace Nicole Rogers (1991), resisting arrest, guilty, sentenced to 90 days conditionally discharged for two years, Kentucky Alternative Program, $153 in court costs to be paid in installments/deferred payment.

  • Taylorsville Police Citations: March 6 edition

    The Taylorsville Police Department issued the following citations from Feb. 5 through 11:

    Jason M. Erb, 35, of Deercross Driver in Louisville, was cited Feb. 5 for failure to wear seat belts.

    Jose G. Duran, 39, of Northcamp Drive in Bardstown, was cited Feb. 11 for failure to produce insurance card.

    Patrick M. Phillips, 24, of Greenbriar Drive in Campbellsville, was cited Feb. 11 for no registration plates, no registration receipt and failure to produce insurance card.

  • UPDATE: Sheriff confirms gun brought to high school was not loaded, but bullets were with the gun

    Local law enforcement confirmed that a Spencer County High School student brought a firearm to campus Tuesday and that the weapon changed hands sometime during the school day.

    Although investigators say the gun was not loaded, bullets were reported to have been with the firearm. No one was hurt as a result and two male students have been charged and taken into custody. 

  • CONSTRUCTING CONFUSION: Building Inspector Steve Clark fired, or is he?

    Within a span of four days, Spencer County Building Code Inspector Steve Clark was terminated by Judge-Executive Bill Karrer and reinstated by a quorum of the Fiscal Court, but it is still unclear when or if Clark will be permitted to get back to work.

  • SIDEBAR: Local builders, realtors say no inspector immediately hurts business

    The absence of a local building inspector has put builders and realtors at a standstill since Wednesday.
    Local realtor Susan Arnold told The Spencer Magnet she found herself in a bind with a unique situation early last week.
    Arnold, who is listing a bank foreclosure, said the bank that owns the home wanted to have the utilities turned on.
    Arnold said she called Clark early last week and he told her a licensed electrician needed to inspect the home and then he would be able to issue a permit to get the utilities turned on.

  • SIDEBAR: No inspector leaves county building committee in lurch

    The building committee of the Spencer County Fiscal Court has also been stalled because of the absence of a local building inspector.
    The committee met last Friday to review bids for the renovations required at the former extension office, which is in the process of becoming the county’s new EMS headquarters.
    Magistrate David Goodlett, who sits on the committee, had specifically asked for the building inspector to be present at the committee meeting on Friday, but because inspector Steve Clark was terminated on Wednesday, there was no local inspector.

  • Mount Eden fire could point to arson

    The most recent fire in an eerie rash of Mount Eden blazes is being investigated as possible arson — but the fire claimed a building that most agree will not be missed.

  • SHOOTING STRAIGHT, PART 2: Local school board, government officials talk safety, propose legislation

    Editor’s note: In this week’s story, read about how local education officials are addressing school safety concerns and how second-amendment rights are being addressed in state and federal government.

    School safety discussions surface following Sandy Hook shooting