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  • PUBLIC RECORD: August 2012 indictments

    The following indictments were handed down by a Spencer County Grand Jury in Circuit Court Aug. 9, 2012:

    On or about May 11, 2012, in Spencer County, Ronnie C. Hardin, 57, of the 100 block of Hardin Street, committed the offense of second-degree trafficking in a controlled substance, greater or equal to 20 units, by knowingly and unlawfully manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, selling, transferring or possessing with intent to manufacture, distribute, dispense or sell a controlled substance classified as a schedule III controlled substance known as Hydrocodone.

  • 2012 Spencer County Fair results

    Editor’s note: The following results are published exactly as they were submitted.



    Lady’s Suit
    Patti Davis        Blue 1st

    Lady’s Dress
    Patti Davis        Blue 1st

    Child’s Dress
    Shirley Thomas    Blue 1st

    Baby Dress

  • COLUMN: Cut off the noise and pay attention

    Every day we are bombarded. Over and over and over again pictures and voices, sights and sounds try to grab our attention. Buy our toothpaste for a sexy smile. Come to our movie and you will never be the same. Look at me, buy this, enroll in that.
    Have you noticed that on some channels two-hour movies now take two and a half to three hours to run? Some one-hour TV shows have 18-19 minutes of advertising. That’s just TV. Add in radio spots, billboards, and even the Internet ads and we see a lot of advertising every day.

  • COLUMN: Country struggles with sexual immorality

    I enjoy writing in the Magnet on the church page and I am always getting good comments about it. One person in a high government position told me that he read my article every week and said he really enjoyed it, but he thought the safe sex article I wrote was the best of all.
    I assured him [abstinence] was the only way that was 100 percent safe and he said he agreed.

  • COLUMN: Gathering facts and putting out fires

    Rumors in small towns spread like wildfire, and in some ways, it’s the job of the local newspaper to put those fires out.
    My first case in point is discussed at length in this week’s newspaper. At its last regularly scheduled meeting, the Spencer County Board of Education voted not to allow students to have the junior-senior prom off campus.
    Less than 24 hours after that vote was taken, the word on the street was that the prom had been canceled altogether.

  • COLUMN: Recycle and reuse your ‘scraps’

    We are rapidly approaching fall. We have endured many hot summer days, and some very dry conditions this year. I am putting this on paper while Isaac, the hurricane, is drowning the Northern Gulf Coast in the New Orleans area. They promised us some rain by the upcoming weekend, which happened to be Labor Day Weekend, and we got it.
    If you planned an indoor picnic over the weekend, please remember to recycle all items that can be renewed and reused.

  • Spencer County represented well in Little Miss and Mister pageant at State Fair

    Spencer County was well-represented at the 2012 Kentucky State Fair, especially in the Little Miss and Mister Pageant.

  • PHOTO: Sidewalk closed, but businesses open

    The sidewalk on Main Street in front of the Chamber of Commerce building, the courthouse annex and several local businesses is currently closed as construction continues on the Main Street Phase II renovations, but businesses are still open. The streetscape project is nearly complete on the opposite side of the road.

  • PHOTOS: Creating awareness

    Police Chief Toby Lewis spoke to students at Hillview Academy on Wednesday about drug awareness and encouraged them not to surround themselves with people they know are involved with drugs.

  • Board, students butt heads on prom plans

    If a Spencer County Board of Education decision stands, local high school students will not be allowed to travel off campus for the junior-senior prom.