Today's News

  • Farmers Market opens April 21

    In just a few short weeks, those who love to buy locally produced seedlings, vegetables, meats, handmade goods and more will once again have that opportunity right on Main Street.

  • Blossom into spring gardening

    Spring is traditionally the time of year that gardeners finally get to break the soil and end their cabin fever. This year is a little different because the winter was so uncharacteristically warm, and spring weather arrived so much earlier than expected. Some expected garden tasks could be taken on earlier this year, and it may be too late for others.

  • BACK IN TIME: 10 and 20 years ago
  • SAVVY SENIOR: Debt and death – Will my children have to foot the bill?

    Dear Savvy Senior
    What happens to a person’s debt after they die? At age 78, I have accumulated quite a bit of credit card and medical debt over the past few years and am concerned about leaving my son and daughter with a big bill after I die. What can you tell me?
    Old and Broke

    Dear Old,
    In most cases when a person with debt dies, it’s their estate, not their kids that’s legally responsible. Here’s how it works.

  • Public Record: District Court March 2012

    The following cases were heard in Spencer District Court by Judge Donna Dutton on March 30, 2012:

    Robert G. Wessels Jr. (1986), operating on a suspended/revoked operators license, amended to no license in possession, guilty, $20 fine, $143 court costs to be paid in installments/deferred payment.

    Brian T. Bargo (1991), speeding 21 miles over the legal limit, guilty, state traffic school, $143 court costs paid.

    Dalton S. Elmor (1993), failure to wear seat belt, guilty, $25 fine paid.

  • PHOTOS: Good game!

    Youth Soccer is in full swing at Waterford Park and Saturday brought some cooler temperatures and a slight mist, but didn’t dampen the fun.

  • Conflict, Part II: Address it, resolve it, move on from it

    In addressing your own problems, try to finish these sentences as honestly as you can. Each sentence relates to what usually happens when you attempt to resolve conflict:
    •When we argue, I usually...
    •When we disagree and I feel I have lost, I usually...
    •When we disagree and I feel I have won, I usually...
    •The way our arguments usually end up for me is...

  • Wild blueberries — Out of the wild and into your freezer

    How do you get more of nature’s antioxidant superfruit into your daily diet? Fill your freezer with delicious frozen-fresh Wild Blueberries. These little blue powerhouses from Maine and Canada have superior antioxidant capacity compared with other fruits and veggies. They’re just as healthy as fresh and may even retain their nutritional value longer. Best of all, they’re available in your grocer’s frozen fruit section year-round, making this tasty little superfruit super convenient.

  • Busy season for local ‘diamonds’

    The local diamonds have been busy the past week with high school baseball and softball action.

  • Each generation has its favorite team

    As I write this the UK-Kansas bout for the 2012 National Championship is still hours away from tip-off. The general feeling around the Bluegrass State is, and has been for the past several months, that banner number eight will be hanging in Rupp Arena after the final buzzer sounds tonight. (Editor’s note: The Wildcats defeated Kansas Monday night to bring home their eighth national championship.)