Today's News

  • Bears drop the ball

    Miscues in the field and the inability to put together timely hits in the late innings doomed the Spencer County Bears Monday afternoon as they dropped a tough 3-1 decision at Henry County.

    Tied at 1-1, the Bears twice had runners in scoring positions in both the fifth and sixth innings, but were unable to move them around the bases to score, stranding three runners in the last two innings.

  • Kentucky Gourd Show this weekend

    Gourdheads unite. The 15th annual Kentucky Gourd Show is on tap for this weekend and it promises three full days of crafty creations  – all concocted from one unassuming fruit.

    Gourds can virtually be made into anything. In past shows, participants have made lamps, purses, hats and the ever-popular Santa gourds. This year, more than 100 humanities students from Nelson County High School made masks as part of their study on African cultures. Their work has been entered in the show along with another 40 art students from the school who made bowls and sculptures.

  • Patterson’s return to Kentucky will have big impact on Commonwealth

    Music to ears of Kentucky basketball fans came in a solo last week from Patrick Patterson. “I’m coming back.”

    First stanza: “I have the chance to graduate in three years, which is important to me and my family,” Patterson said.

    Second stanza: “I want to help Kentucky compete for a national title, and even more than that win its eighth national championship.”

    Chorus: “I’m also really excited about playing for Coach Cal and developing my game in the dribble drive offense.”

  • Youth Football Association meeting May 20

    Spencer County Youth Football Association will be having there first open board meeting Wednesday, May 20 at 6:30 p.m. at the Fiscal Court Building downtown Taylorsville. All parents and the community are encouraged to join the meeting to discuss the 2009-2010 season.Board Members for the 2009-2010 season are as follows:

    Chris Hutt President

    Trent DeRudder Vice-President

    Kim Carruthers Treasurer

    Allison Hughes Secretary

    Tommy Shelburne Equipment Manager

    Robert Berry Sergeant of Arms

    Floyd Light Sergeant of Arms

  • LETTER: SAFE, not a one-issue organization

    Have you ever stood beside the casket of a friend who was killed as a result of an alcohol related accident?     I have.

    Have you ever had someone share with you that they were an alcoholic and all the struggles and temptations that they faced on a daily basis, especially when people chose to drink around them? I have.

    Have you ever sat down with a young wife and mother as she poured out her heart that her husband’s drinking was destroying their marriage and harming their children?    I have.

  • LETTER: Our community must be progressive

    Over the years, one of the worst things I’ve had to do was to lay off an employee. I have had to do that four different times and I very well know what a low and devastating feeling it is as an employee and as an employer.

    As an employer, it was my responsibility to find and provide the work and I was not able to do that. I let a lot of people down, including myself.

    I believe that every willing and able person in this country has the right and the responsibility and should have an opportunity to have work or a job.

  • A day of prayer

    Nearly one hundred souls assembled at the courthouse steps Thursday to take an hour out of their busy lives to publically pray together.

    John Rohr, cordinator for Spencer County’s National Day of Prayer Task Force, said that when he first helped organize the event several years ago “there were only six of us.”

    On Thursday, the large congregation of believers drew inquisitive looks from shopkeepers. Motorists slowed along Main Street – trying to make sense of the noon day crowd.

  • EDA provides some answers

    The Taylorsville-Spencer County Economic Development Authority, Inc. (EDA) wants to clear a few things up.

    Since the announcement was made last month that a wet/dry petition would be circulated, EDA has been the center of much attention and questions. At their last regular meeting, more than a dozen citizens on both sides of the issue came out to speak – and many of them had questions that at the time went unanswered.

  • Nominate your favorite educator for teacher of the year

    Nominations are now open for the 2010 Kentucky Teacher Awards, sponsored by the Kentucky Department of Education and Ashland Inc.

    Nominations may be submitted electronically by visiting the 2010 Kentucky Teacher of the Year Web site at kentuckytoy.com. The deadline for nominations is May 15.

  • LETTER: Doesn’t see need for wet vote