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  • Mt. Eden wife gives husband a new chance at life

    After giving of themselves in marriage for the past 41 years; raising their three kids, making a home and life together, Judy Day gave the “Gift of Life” to her husband Morgan.

    Three weeks ago today, Judy, donated one of her healthy kidneys to her husband, Morgan.

    “I told him, after 41 years of marriage, we should be a perfect match,” she said.

    This match made in heaven began as high school sweethearts.

    “She was a sophomore and I was a junior,” said Morgan. “It was Taylorsville High School then.”

  • LETTER: Thanks for noticing service

    Just a few words of thanks and appreciation for the recognition of Johnnie Shafar’s service with the fire department in earlier years. He would have been very proud. Thanks especially to Richard Morris, Nathan Nation and Glenn Goebel.

    Gerry Shafar and family


  • Reasons why autumn is best Bluegrass season

    Next big thing: The Governor’s Cup.

    Kentucky and Louisville at sold-out Papa John’s Stadium on a Sunday afternoon in August. How’s that sound? Not quite right?

    College football is a Saturday thing. And rivals ought to clash when air is crisp, player helmets are scarred and covered in decals and big ole bull rush tackles are walking wounded, unshaven and in a bad mood. After Thanksgiving.

    America’s sacred college football afternoon is forever altered by television and PR departments.

  • LETTER: Foster parents needed in Spencer County

    I am the Spencer County foster care and adoption worker for the State of Kentucky’s Recruitment and Certification Team and I want people to know there is a need for foster and adoptive parents in Spencer County.

    Our program is different than most, we are a state funded program, so all of our services are free. We even offer financial assistance for foster and adoptive parents to help off set some of the costs associated with caring for foster children.

  • Mmm...want some fries with that?

    The sun had not yet risen from it’s slumber and still they came. Maybe they were lured by the yellow glow that filled the sky that dark Monday morning. Maybe they were just listening to the cries of the rumbling stomachs.

    What ever the reason, McDonald lovers around the county began showing up at 5 a.m. ordering breakfast burritos and biscuits and kept coming throughout the day buying Big Macs with a side of fries.


  • Two walk away from minimum security in Frankfort, one caught

    Two minimum-security inmates walked away from the Frankfort Career Development Center Monday night but at least one’s taste of freedom was short lived.

    Robert Fritz, 28, and John Alstatt, 53, were reported missing at approximately 10:20 p.m., Monday.

    John Alstatt, 53, (left) is still at-large while fellow escapee Robert Fritz, 28, was apprehended in Evansville, Ind. Tuesday. Anyone with information about Alstatt is asked to contact Kentucky State Police at the Post 12 in Frankfort at 502-227-2221.

  • FAITH FOR TODAY: Under your skin

    Do you ever watch America’s Funniest Home Videos? We watch it a lot because it is funny, lighthearted, and our granddaughter laughs her head off!

    Anyway, every once in a while they will show someone holding a snake, a mouse, or even a squirrel. That in itself is not funny, but when that animal starts to climb into someone’s shirt, or up his or her pant leg, it can get hilarious. Usually the people jump and scream and call out for help. Lets face it; it can be uncomfortable to have something crawling around inside your clothes.

  • LETTER: Consider who will keep country safe

    There are many issues like taxes, health care, the war, and oil prices. I think the one issue of the four that is the most important has to be the war on terrorist.

    Keeping our family safe should be our main concern. So if you take a look at our two candidates for president, we need to vote for the best leader for this country to keep America safe.

  • LETTER: Angry with school board members

    This letter is in response to the cover story of last week’s Magnet in which Jack Conway found in favor of Sandy Clevenger about a closed meeting that the school board decided to have regarding Mr. Adams’ evaluation. I am very angry that members of our school board would even consider spending taxpayer money to appeal Jack Conway’s decision.

  • Board discusses openly at meeting

    “I (have been) approached by a lot of people, some in my district, some not,” Phyllis Oliver, Spencer County Board Member said during Mondays meeting. “I was asked several questions, about what was on the front page of the Spencer Magnet, like ‘What’s going on down there?’ or ‘Why would you participate in an illegal meeting?’”

    “I tell them, I didn’t. I don’t think it was illegal.” she said. “I am ready to tell the people. It should be done the way it always has been done.”