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  • Where will the road go?


  • Keeping the city dry


  • State ponders 10 cent gas hike

    State Senator Jimmy Higdon and State Representative James Tipton, both Republicans, took questions and heard concerns about legislative issues Saturday morning during a breakfast hosted by the Spencer County Farm Bureau. While the two were there to speak about the workings in Frankfort and state government, a big part of the morning was spent talking about how to pay for that government.

  • Holy Week, Holy Wars

    Christians, or as former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refer to us, “Easter Worshippers,” just celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ over the weekend, a celebration marred by news that more than 300 Christians and tourists in Sri Lanka were murdered in a terrorist attack Sunday.
    ISIS has now come forward to claim responsibility for the attack, a bloody reminder that we cannot be given the ‘all clear’ signal when it comes to the Jihad many radical Islamic groups have waged against the west for decades.

  • Baseball and life

    Any baseball is beautiful.
    No other small package comes as close to the ideal design and utility.
    It is a perfect object for a man’s hand. Pick it up and it instantly suggests its purpose; it is meant to be thrown a considerable distance, thrown hard and with precision.
    -Roger Angell, Americn essayist

    I learned to play catch with a tennis ball and the side of my house. When we moved to another house with a gradually sloped roof, I practiced catching fly balls as the ball would bounce off the gutter.

  • Free Speech Matters

    One of the most important bills to pass out of Frankfort and make it to the governor’s desk for his signature this past session, was HB 254 which eliminates free speech zones on publicly funded colleges and universities.
    At first read, you may think that eliminating a free speech zone runs counter to encouraging the free exchange of ideas and opinions. Actually, the free speech zones were enacted to curtail free speech and to control the flow of thought and philosophies by relegating “controversial” issues and topics to limited spaces.

  • Share your outdoor experiences

    Yes, we just endured another pretty mild winter, but the cold always seems to feel colder in February and March when we long for warmer weather, sunny skies and getting outdoors.
    Spring is here and it’s always amazing at how quickly Kentucky turns green. If you pay attention, there are more leaves unfurled on your drive home than you noticed on your drive into work this morning. The change is rapid and the change is welcome!

  • It's time to move on

    If you went to MoveOn.org in recent days, you may have noticed an appeal to act and petitions to sign that would release the Mueller Report, keep the Russian collusion narrative spinning and continue to mire the Trump administration in a perceived scandal.
    You’ll find the same message being spewed across mainstream media as the news over the weekend that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s two-plus year investigation failed to turn up any evidence of Trump collusion with the Russians to affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

  • There’s a strong case for a county levee fee

    Much is made sometimes about the great divide between urban and rural. City folks sometimes like to make fun of country folks, and country folks will laugh at city folks. Sometimes the differences are trivial and comical.

  • New medical center opens