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  • Medicaid policy is liberating

    Every summer, Americans celebrate Independence Day and amidst all the picnics, ballgames and fireworks, some of us still try to honor the spirit of rugged individualism that America was built on.

    Here in Kentucky, many of us trace our roots back to hearty pioneers who followed the path through the Cumberland Gap, or who floated down the Ohio River on flatboats to settle this wild and beautiful land.

  • SBDM Councils a failed product of KERA

    Former House Speaker Jody Richards recently joined the growing chorus of longtime Democratic legislators announcing they would not seek re-election this year.

    Richards, D-Bowling Green, who went to Frankfort the year Jimmy Carter was elected president, pounded the gavel in the House for 14 years, making him the longest-serving Speaker in Kentucky’s history.

  • Perfect Attendance at SCES

    The following students from Spencer County Elementary School had perfect attendance for the 2nd 9 week grading period:

    Shelby Alcorn, Luke Armour, Noah Baker, William Barnes, Raymond Barr, Lane Bennett, Loralie Bibelhauser, Addison Binkley, Alyssa Binkley, Roman Bottoms, Bristol Bottoms, Fayle Lynn Bowling, Lincoln Brakefield, Ainsley Brakefield, Jackson Brown.

  • TES students of the month


    December Students of the Month from Taylorsville Elementary School are, from left to right: Asher Frame, Blaine Sharp, Isabel Vargas, Rebekah McCalley, Sydney Smith, and Logan Turner.

  • Not too soon to think about ordering your vegetable seeds

    Cool temperatures and the constant threat of snow may make it feel like spring couldn’t be further away, but planning for spring gardens begins during winter months when seeds are ordered. Looking through a seed catalog, store rack, or online product offering can be overwhelming, since there are so many varieties available for each crop. So, how do we choose from the plethora of options?

  • Succulents for indoor bloom

    Plant collectors have long appreciated orchids and African violets for their winter bloom cycle.  I have amassed a collection of both and they help me get through the winter with their colorful interest. But violets and orchids are not the only classes of plants that can deliver in the winter; think succulents.  

  • Infrastructure and agriculture

    Roads get people to work, students to school, crops and livestock to market, and operational inputs to the farm. Without an effective infrastructure, commerce in Kentucky grinds to a halt.  I don’t have to tell Kentucky Farm Bureau members how important transportation issues are. Kentucky Farm Bureau has worked hard to maintain the 22.2 percent allocation of the state gasoline tax revenue for rural roads. Supporting the continuation of that allocation and support of rural secondary and county road aid programs is a priority issue for us.

  • Unexpected blessings

    Over the holidays, I had to stop at the grocery store on the way home.  As I was getting out of my car, a little boy and his father got out of the car a few spots down.  The little boy began running toward the store and Dad naturally called out, “Slow Down!”

  • Missed free throws doom Lady Bears against AC


  • Church Happenings - Week of January 17, 2018

    Installation ceremony for Rev. Lewis

    On Sunday, January 28 at 4 p.m., an installation ceremony to welcome the new pastor, Rev. John A. Lewis, will be held at Second Baptist Church in Taylorsville, at 4 p.m.