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  • Threat in neighboring Anderson thwarted

    Anderson County has two new heroes.
    One of them is Josh Satterly, a Lawrenceburg resident and trooper with the Kentucky State Police.
    The other is a New Jersey woman named Koeberly Bull.
    Together, they prevented what could have been a school massacre carried out by a suspect who police say vowed to do just that.
    “They’re both heroes,” said Anderson County Judge-Executive. “With the phone call Ms. Bull made, she saved hundreds of lives and prevented a tragedy our town might never have recovered from.

  • Candidates square off


  • City pursues sidewalk


  • Trageser joins Judge’s race

    The race for County Judge-Executive got a little more crowded last week as Lawrence Trageser, a registered Republican, filed as a write-in candidate for the office.
    Trageser, who has run for office previously, most recently, losing in the May primary for 1st district Magistrate, is a polarizing figure in Spencer County. He is affiliated with a controversial website with posts about local politics and is a frequent attendee of fiscal court meetings, where he often raises issues and concerns during the period for citizen comments.

  • Tax rate for city proposed

    The City of Taylorsville met Monday to propose their property tax rates and voted on the option that would see a 4 percent increase in revenue, although the rate itself would be lowered from the current year.
    City Clerk Steve Biven explained that increased property value assessments have          resulted in more revenue expected to be collected.
    “If we kept the same rate we had last year, we’d be bringing more than the 4 percent we are allowed to have,” he told the commissioners.

  • Trail work moves ahead at State Park

    A volunteer group working to improve trails at Taylorsville Lake State Park seems eager to see just how far they can stretch a dollar as they embark on their efforts.
    Last year, the Friends of Taylorsville Lake State Park received an $80,000 Recreational Trails Program grant from the Kentucky Department of Local Government for improvements of trails at the park. To date, they’ve addressed some of the really bad spots and completed about two miles of trail work, without tapping into those funds.

  • Local farm boy turned soldier killed in Vietnam

    Dale Yates remembers the knock on the door. It was a methodical, official sounding knock at their Mt. Eden farm house early in the morning that caught the attention of he and his brother as they were getting ready for school in late September, 1969.

  • Vietnam veteran recalls best friend killed in war


  • Two Lives Well Lived

    Millions of Americans watched the  funeral services of former President George H.W. Bush last week, and though it was a somber occasion to be sure, there was a sense of pride and patriotism felt among most Americans as we listened to the speeches and witnessed the pomp and ceremony that surrounded the events.

  • Now is the time to move forward

    The debate in Spencer County is no longer whether we want change or not. Change is happening all around us. We can either try to manage it, or it will manage us.