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  • Fiscal court mandates drug testing after accidents

    County employees who are involved in accidents on the job, will now be required to take a drug test following the change in the county’s personnel policy approved by fiscal court during their meeting on Monday night.
    Magistrate Mike Moody, who along with magistrates Brett Beaverson and Tim Brewer, recommended the policy changes and pushed for their approval at Monday’s meeting, despite some opposition by County Judge-Executive John Riley.

  • Stidger's birthplace gets a mark in history


  • Following in her father’s tire tracks


  • Loop road routes discussed


  • Paddle Battle at the lake


  • Former SC student teacher sign language


  • In God We Trust

    In God We Trust.
    It’s our national motto, and has been officially since 1956. However, it’s been an unofficial national motto and a prevailing philosophy in America that dates back to before the Revolution.
    In fact, it was trust in God that gave our Founders the confidence and courage to stand up to British tyranny.

  • Storm Watchers

    As we go to press, a powerful hurricane is bearing down on the southeast coast. We’ve all been following the slow track of Dorian as the storm has been inching it’ way toward the mainland, gaining strength and leaving forecasters befuddled as to where it might make landfall.
    Hurricanes are both terrible and fascinating. They can bring so much death and destruction to large portions of a state or region. This particular storm is forecast to hover the edge of the Atlantic coast, perhaps all the way up to Virginia or beyond.

  • Contentment over riches

    A professional football player created a lot of stir, a lot of anger,  a lot of disappointment and a lot of headlines over the weekend when he decided, at age 29, to walk away from the game and untold millions of dollars in future revenue.
    Indianapolis Colt’s quarterback Andrew Luck shocked the sports world when he announced that he was retiring. He said numerous injuries and the constant battle to rehab and recover put him in a spot to consider his long-term happiness and the life that he wanted to live. He’ll find no criticism from me.

  • Farmers have global concerns

    As U.S. Representative Brett Guthrie stood inside a metal building on the farm of Eric and Karen Sweazy Monday, he noticed the smiles that increased with the sound of the steady rain falling on the roof. After fears switched from too much rain in the spring, to not enough rain in mid-summer, the showers brought some relief to those whose livelihood is often dependent upon the weather.