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  • Calling all Bears fans

    Friday nights are going to be a little bit different this fall. For the first time in about 15 years, there will be no high school football in Taylorsville on Friday nights. Renovations to the athletic field and complex aren’t complete, meaning home football games had to be moved.
    Thankfully, Nelson County High School made a generous offer to allow Spencer County to use their field and stadium for home games. While that will mean a little extra drive time, it shouldn’t automatically mean the crowds have to be small.

  • Red flags often ignored

    It’s one of the most hotly debated topics of our time and it dominates the national conversation in the wake of nearly every mass shooting. So it’s no surprise that in a period of just about one week where we saw at least four multiple shootings (yes, I’m counting Chicago) that left more than three dozen people dead, gun control is again  in the spotlight.
    This time however, there seems to be a bit more momentum on some fronts, most notably on the issue of Red Flag laws. Many see that as a positive. Some see it as dangerous. I see it as both.

  • It's State Fair time!

    The Kentucky State Fair kicks off later this week and it’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the Commonwealth.
    Famed Kentucky author Jesse Stuart spoke with great love for his native state, and often talked about the many diverse regions of Kentucky. From the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, the Knobs region of south central Kentucky, and the Western Kentucky coalfields, along with others, Stuart recognized the diversity of culture within this state.

  • Sumner to be hired as new TPD Chief

    Interim Taylorsville City Police Chief Brian Sumner was expected to officially be named to the job permanently during a special meeting of the Taylorsville City Commission Tuesday night.
    Taylorsville Mayor Matt Douglas confirmed Monday evening that the commission will be convened to an executive session to discuss details of a contract with Sumner, and he expects an official hiring to take place at that time.

  • All the children of the world

    This world ain’t so big. Oh, it can be a long way from one place to another, and there are cities and countries we will probably never get to visit. But on Sunday night, I was reminded that there’s something that draws us closer together. A common faith.
    I sat in the crowd Sunday night and watched little children remind us all, that regardless of where we call home, what language we speak, or what color our skin is – we are all united.

  • Trump’s July 4th event

    Listening to the pundits fearfully whine in advance of President Trump’s July 4th celebration and parade last week, made me think about a memorable scene in the classic movie “Wizard of Oz.” As Dorothy and the Scarecrow begin their trek down the yellow brick road, they soon are engulfed in fear of creatures that may be lurking in the woods.
    “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” they repeat as they nervously walk along.

  • Unknown hero finally gets his due respect

    One of the most somber places any American can visit is Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. Thousands and thousands of our bravest are laid to rest there as a testament that the freedom we celebrated last week did not come without a heavy cost.
    One of the most sacred sites in the cemetery, is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which is patroled by uniformed soldiers around the clock, through all kinds of weather. That concern is symbolic that our nation will always respect, cherish and honor the lives sacrificed for our behalf.

  • SCES facing another principal vacancy

    The search is on for Spencer County Elementary School’s next principal. Jane Anderson, SCES principal for the 2018-19 school year, recently resigned, which will make the new incoming principal the fourth that the school has had in four years.

  • Spencer County's football found still loves the game


  • Afterschool program renewed