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  • Resolve to get involved in 2019

    Flipping the calendar over to a brand new year brings new opportunities and fresh beginnings. It’s the time of year when many people make resolutions and resolve to break old habits or begin new ones.
    This year, new elected officials begin new terms in Spencer County, and there’s a real chance for progress, as long as office holders will keep their focus on the county and not be distracted by petty differences, political spats or personality conflicts. It’s easier said than done, but citizens should demand it.

  • New officials sworn in


  • Dear Santa, I wish...

    Last week, we published letters from hundreds of young Spencer County students who reached out to St. Nick with their Christmas wish list. While we had his attention,  I may have sent a note up to the North Pole as well. My list included the following:

  • Focus on Future Kentuckians

    I’m not a proponent of lowering the voting age, but if we could figure out a way for future generations to cast proxy ballots on issues that they’ll be facing 20 or 50  years from now, that might be a good idea.
    Few issues in the state will have more impact on our children and grandchildren than the one currently being discussed in a special session in Frankfort – the future of teacher and state retirement systems. As it is, Kentucky taxpayers are being drained by a system that is outdated and unsustainable.

  • Thanks to all who served

    Elected officials often hear criticism, and rarely hear praise. Of course, they sometimes do things taxpayers don’t like, and those who disagree are typically way more vocal than those who agree.
    Still, as a number of elected officials prepare to leave office soon, it’s fitting to at least acknowledge their willingness to do an often thankless job that comes with a big target.

  • Two Lives Well Lived

    Millions of Americans watched the  funeral services of former President George H.W. Bush last week, and though it was a somber occasion to be sure, there was a sense of pride and patriotism felt among most Americans as we listened to the speeches and witnessed the pomp and ceremony that surrounded the events.

  • Now is the time to move forward

    The debate in Spencer County is no longer whether we want change or not. Change is happening all around us. We can either try to manage it, or it will manage us.

  • What's Happening

    SCMS to host Winterfest Dec. 14

    Spencer County Middle School is excited to invite the community of Spencer County to their 5th annual WinterFest on Friday, December 14.
    From 3 p.m until 5 p.m. there will be a dance and inflatables in the gym for middle school students, as well as concessions in the Great Hall and an ice skating rink.
    From 4:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. the public is invited and the following activities wil be available:
    Carnival games and photo booth (Santa and Nana arrive at 6:30 p.m.
    Face painting in the art room.

  • Avoid a P.C. Christmas

    Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is no longer deemed appropriate television for children because it normalizes bullying, bad parenting and catagorizing people as outcasts. That’s the latest charge from the political correctness authorities.
    Meanwhile, at least one radio station has decided it will no longer play the winter song “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” because some knuckleheads think it’s a celebration of date rape. Really? Have they been paying attention to the sordid lyrics of what passes as popular music these days?

  • Work is good medicine

    Do you remember your first paycheck? I remember mine. It was $10 and I earned it as a young teenager for cutting lawns for a realtor in Winchester. I’d gotten cash before, but there was something about a paycheck that made it feel like more of an accomplishment.
    We complain about work, but work is good for us. Not only does it help put food on our table and provide the necessities of life, it gives us purpose, confidence and self-worth. Simply put – work is a healthy thing.