Today's News

  • Redistricting bill shakes things up in Spencer

    Kentucky’s general assembly passed a new redistricting bill in special session last week and Spencer County’s representation has been shaken up, again.

  • School tax likely to increase

    It doesn’t appear that the Spencer County Board of Education has any quick answers about how much property tax rates will go up this year — but current information indicates that taxpayers can expect an increase.

  • Fire department celebrates 100 years

    This Saturday, the Taylorsville-Spencer County Fire Department will attempt to cram 100 years of service into a seven-hour celebration.

  • Citizens Union released from consent order

    Citizens Union Bank announced earlier this month that it is no longer under the consent order entered into with regulators in January 2010.
    The notice came from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions, according to a news release.
    A Consent Order is a formal agreement between banks and regulators designed to help address improving certain areas of a bank such as credit quality, capital, earnings and liquidity, the news release said.

  • Competitive Edge provides gymnastics outlet for Spencer County kids

    Since she was 10 years old, Ashley Stratton knew exactly what she wanted to do for the rest of her life: She wanted to own a gym.

  • COLUMN: Plan a fall vegetable garden

    Alright, I know, this last week already felt like fall but it really is only the end of August.  This year may just be the perfect year to pull off the perfect fall garden as a result. Ample moisture and relatively mild temperatures mean that a second round of planting for a fall garden can get a good start. The challenge with the fall garden is getting seed and seedlings to germinate and grow during the heat of the end of summer. If we stay mild we have a better chance.

  • COLUMN: Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your summer fun

    With the moist summer we’ve had in Kentucky, mosquitoes have had a prime environment to flourish and become a prevalent pest. They can make your life downright miserable. Many recreational and work activities have been ruined by the constant annoyance and irritation mosquito bites inflict.

  • Public Record: District Court Aug. 16

    Judge Donna Dutton heard the following cases in Spencer District Court on Aug. 16:

    Jarret D. Colvin (1985), speeding 17 miles over the legal limit, amended to defective equipment, guilty, $143 court costs paid.

    Timothy L. Allen Jr. (1991), speeding 15 miles over the legal limit, guilty, state traffic school, $143 court costs.
    Teejay Burrows (1985), speeding 25 miles over the legal limit, guilty, state traffic school, $143 court costs.

  • Spencer County Fair exhibit results 2013 - Part 3

    Plate 6 Yellow Summer Squash
    Dillon Tindle, Blue 1st
    Gina Taylor, Red 2nd

    Plate 3 Zucchini Squash
    Dillon Tindle, Blue 1st
    Gina Taylor, Red 2nd

    Plate 5 Large Red Tomatoes
    Gina Taylor, Blue 1st
    Dillon Tindle, Red 2nd

    Plate 5 Large Yellow Tomatoes
    Gina Taylor, Blue 1st

    Plate 5 Small Cherry Tomatoes
    Cheryl Klotz, Blue 1st
    Gina Taylor, Red 2nd
    Dillon Tindle, White 3rd

    Plate 6 Roma Tomatoes
    Gina Taylor, Blue 1st

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Music therapy can benefit Alzheimer’s patients

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    What can you tell me about music therapy for Alzheimer’s patients? I’m helping my dad take care of my 80-year-old mother who has mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease and thought it might be something worth trying. How do we proceed?
    Unmusical Mary

    Dear Mary,