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  • Political flip flop: Magistrates Davis, Cheek change party affiliation

    Since the current Spencer County Fiscal Court was seated in January 2011, the makeup of the court has been predominantly Republican — until now.

  • City votes to destroy recordings of meetings

    The Taylorsville City Commission voted last Tuesday to maintain audio recordings of its meetings for six months, meaning anything older than six months will soon be destroyed.
    This decision, which was approved 4-0 in Mayor Don Pay’s absence, has drawn the ire of a few community members who maintain the recordings should be kept.

  • TPD Officer Schultz arrested Saturday morning

    A Taylorsville Police officer was arrested early Saturday morning and faces charges of first-degree wanton endangerment and endangering the welfare of a minor.

  • EDITORIAL: Switch on the movement to get lights at Ray Jewell Park

    A lot of things can happen in four years: a teenager completes high school, a young adult earns an engineering degree, a president serves a full term, the Olympics gear up for another go. But can Spencer County get light poles installed in that time frame?
    Apparently not.
    According to our very own archives, UPS donated several massive light poles to the county in September 2009. Those poles were unloaded at Ray Jewell Park and those poles lay in that same location four years later.

  • COLUMN: The Attorney General and high gas prices

    As I travel the state, I am frequently asked what I can do about high gas prices and price fluctuations across the Commonwealth.
     I understand the frustration with high gas prices. I understand how tough it is on hard-working families. No one wants to choose between filling up the gas tank or putting food on the table or paying a bill. And many of us rely on our vehicles to get to work, so that we can pay our bills. Be assured, protecting Kentucky consumers at the gas pumps is a top priority of mine.  

  • District 3 4-H Tractor Driving Contest results
  • 2013 Spencer County Fair exhibit results


    Lady’s Dress
    Patti Davis        Blue 1st

    Lady’s Blouse
    Patti Davis        Blue 1st

    Clothing Article, Other
    Patti Davis        Blue 1st

    Polar Fleece Article of Clothing
    Patti Davis        Blue 1st

    Table Runner – any fabric
    Shirley Thomas    
    Blue 1st

  • Local 4-H members recognized at state communications day

    The 2013 State Communications Day was July 13 at the University of Kentucky campus in Lexington. I am so proud to say that everyone from Spencer County did an outstanding job, and Lilli Hanik was a state demonstration winner.
    Junior Animal Science Demonstration: Blue ribbon – Casey Montgomery demonstrated “How to Prepare for A Hog Show.”
    Senior Performing Arts Demonstration:  First place and blue ribbon – Lilli Hanik demonstrated “The Beautiful Noise Maker.”
    Senior Job Interview: Blue Ribbon – Lilli Hanik

  • In the Garden: Columnist warns to stop bagworms before it's too late

    Who among us is guilty of not noticing something until it’s too late? Yes, all of a sudden there is nothing left of your blue spruce or arborvitae. Bagworms have been munching on the needles for weeks and we wonder how it all happened. Well, they are at work right now so go outside and take inventory of your evergreens because that’s what the bagworm likes the most. Now is the time they do their damage unless we put a stop to it.

  • Public Record - August 7 Edition

    A Spencer County Grand Jury
    handed down the following indictments
    July 25, 2013, in Spencer
    Circuit Court:
    Count 1: On or about June 2, 2013,
    in Spencer County, Karen R. Cook,
    39, of the 100 block of Main Street,
    Taylorsville, and Jess T. Priddy Jr., 39,
    of the 100 block of Taylorsville, alone
    or in complicity with each other or
    others, committed the off ense of
    manufacturing methamphetamine
    -- complicity, when they knowingly
    and unlawfully manufactured methamphetamine