Today's News

  • Burglars cause $25,000 in damage

    Two Shelbyville men were arrested July 31 and charged with breaking into a log cabin home on Mount Washington Road, trashing the cabin and stealing a variety of items including two four-wheelers.

  • Man hits multiple mailboxes and a parked car before crashing

    A Spencer County man hit two mailboxes and a parked car on two separate roads within a matter of 25 minutes Sunday before the final mailbox — made of brick — stopped his truck and sent him and his passenger to the hospital.

  • Not your ‘plane’ old hobby

    Jess Hogan has always had an obsession with anything that could fly. He started collecting butterflies when he was 8 or 9. He “loves birds of prey” (but is “dissatisfied” with robins). And he spent his life building upon his understanding of airplanes, creating for himself a 30-year career with Delta Airlines and a lifelong hobby of building high-tech model planes.

  • Woman asks why no lights at Ray Jewell Park

    A Spencer County woman appeared before the Fiscal Court on Monday morning hoping to bring light to the darkness at the baseball fields at Ray Jewell Park.

  • Mount Washington man indicted for Waterford Park break in, property damage

    A Mount Washington man has been indicted on charges including burglary and theft at Waterford Park in March, allegedly with the help of a juvenile.
    James R. Branum, 31, of the 100 block of Frank Lane was indicted by a Spencer County Grand Jury July 25 on one count of third-degree burglary-complicity, one county of theft by unlawful taking under $500-complicity, third-degree criminal mischief-complicity and second-degree unlawful transaction with a minor.

  • County attorney voices ‘no respect’ for AG’s office

    In the scope of discussion regarding an inquiry into the county’s Open Records Act violations, County Attorney Ruth Hollan expressed her distaste and lack of respect for the Kentucky Attorney General’s office.
    “I have no respect for the attorney general’s office or their opinions,” Hollan said.
    Open records and open meeting requests that are denied at the local level can be appealed to the attorney general. When a decision is issued from that office, it carries the weight of the law.

  • CAUTION: School buses on the roads starting today

    Traffic on local roadways will markedly increase today as dozens of Spencer County Public Schools buses are hitting the streets carrying students for the first time this school year — and motorists are asked to proceed with caution.
    While buses might seem like an annoyance to commuters, they transport thousands of the community’s school children each day. And the traffic laws and safety regulations that govern bus transportation are often different and more stringent than the rules that apply to other motorists.

  • Rogers, Roberts to wed Aug. 24
  • Audrey Grace born March 27
  • Fireflies light the night for love

    Likely as a child, you, too, collected fireflies in a jar and took them to bed to light up your room on a warm summer night.  I remember getting my parents to puncture the lid of a mason jar so the magical insects could breathe.  Well, it turns out that all that light flashing wasn’t meant for our entertainment, but rather about entertaining love.