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  • FSA working to improve crop insurance abuse

    Farm Service Agency (FSA) is now required to assist the Risk Management Agency (RMA) to improve the integrity of the Federal Crop Insurance Program through the prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse.

  • COLUMN: Sawflies strip dogwood foliage

    One of the very first insects that I identified as a young gardener was the pine sawfly. We had planted over a hundred white pine seedlings over 30 years ago and after a decade or so we started to lose a couple each year to one problem or another. Daddy charged me with inspection duty. Looking for and plucking bagworms; collecting beetles in jars for identification at the County Extension Service; or closely noting the color, legs and chewing habits of the various caterpillars I encountered.

  • COLUMN: Blue-green algae poses threat to farm animals

    Over the past few weeks, there have been several deceased animals diagnosed in our area by drinking water that has been contaminated by blue-green algae.  Dr. Gerry Dill alerted me to this and I appreciate him letting me know about this.  He also passed along the following information.  Dr. Cynthia Gaskill, DVM, PhD, clinical veterinary toxicologist at the University of Kentucky Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, provided this information.

  • Church Happenings — Week of Aug. 14

    Little Union Baptist plans revival
    Little Union Baptist Church will host revival services at 7 p.m. on Aug. 23-25.
    Danny Haynes, associate pastor of Mill Creek Baptist Church in Bardstown, will be the guest evangelist.
    On Aug. 23, youth night activities will begin at 6.
    On Aug. 24, a complimentary meal will be served at 6.
    The church, located at 4620 Little Union Road, has Sunday school at 10 a.m. each Sunday, followed by a worship service at 11.

    Grace Chapel hosting new women’s Bible study, support group

  • COLUMN: Jesus models the way to pray

    Today’s column is based upon Luke 11:1-9:

  • COLUMN: You cannot know who you are without knowing who Jesus is

    Have you ever had anyone ask you who you are?  Usually we give them our name, but that doesn’t really say much these days, does it?  Years ago our names often reflected what we did.  So the Smith family probably owned a blacksmith shop, or the Wagners made wagon wheels.  Guess what the Farmers did? But these days I don’t know anyone named Machinist or Programmer!  Of course there could be a Teacher or two around, but we probably don’t assume that they work in the school system.

  • Public Record: District Court Aug. 9

    Judge Linda S. Armstrong heard the following cases in Spencer District Court on Aug. 9, 2013:

    Christopher S. Brown (1976), operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol/drugs aggravator first, guilty, sentenced to four days, 30 days suspended operator’s license, alcohol and drug education program, $728 fine; third-degree possession of a controlled substance drug unspecified, guilty, sentenced to 180 days, four days served, conditionally discharged for two years.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Medicare covers Shingles vaccination

    Dear Savvy Senior
    What can you tell me about the shingles vaccine? I just turned 65 and have been thinking about getting vaccinated, but would like to know how effective it is and how it’s covered by Medicare.
    Afraid of Needles

    Dear Afraid,

  • Counselor's Corner: How can I grow through a divorce?

    Divorce is is a term which is usually full of emotional expressions. Some have anticipated it as a sort of relief from emotional pain and hurt, while others dread it like an unwanted plague that has the potential to devastate a whole family.
    As I have worked with many divorced persons, and also victims (other family members, including, of course childen), it is no wonder that in one of the Old Testament books of the Bible, it is stated that God hates “putting away” (meaning divorce).

  • BACK IN TIME: Bears football

    In honor of the Bears beginning their 10th varsity season, enjoy this all-Bears edition of Back in Time.