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  • Where’s the beef? UK experts weigh in on lowest beef supply in 60 years

    Just as the summer grilling season is heating up, beef supplies across the country are down, meaning it might cost a little more to host that backyard party. In fact, the number of beef cattle in the United States is reportedly less than 30 million — the lowest number since the early 1960s. And when numbers go down and feed prices go up, consumers end up paying more at the grocery store.

  • Simple television remotes designed for seniors

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    Can you recommend some easy-to-use television remote controls for seniors? I got my 74-year-old mother a new HDTV for her birthday, but the remote control is very confusing for her to operate.
    Shopping Son

    Dear Shopping,

  • Significance: We all have it

    The column this week can be one of the most important, yet can be painful if you are or know someone who feels, “I just don’t fit in ... they just don’t like me.”
    Having been an elementary teacher for one year before I became a school psychologist in the public school system, I experienced some of the visual pains that were displayed in some of the faces of some of the nicest kids I worked with. I felt some of them when I was a child, as well.

  • Throw the best party on the block

    Nothing brings people together quite like a neighborhood picnic or family celebration. So, gather up neighbors, friends and family for a celebration of great food and fun.

  • Taylorsville Police Citations - June 5 Edition

    The Taylorsville Police Department issued the following citations from May 21 through May 27:

    Keenan M. Blevins, 20, of Meadows Drive in Mount Washington, was cited May 21 for failure to wear seat belts.

    Theodore Waldridge, 29, of Winter Lake Drive in Louisville, was cited May 21 for no registration plates and no registration receipt.

    Dennis R. Peach, 52, of Bardstown Road in Lawrenceburg, was cited May 21 for failure to wear seat belts.

  • Public Record - June 5 Edition

    Judge Matthew Eckert heard the following cases in Spencer District Court May 17, 2013:

    Christopher P. Caudill (1983), speeding 15 miles over the legal limit, guilty, state traffic school and court costs.

    Joshua R. Huizar (1992), failure to wear seat belts, guilty, $25 fine.

    Matthew R. Waits (1987), failure to comply with helment law over 21 years old, amended to no license in possession, guilty, $20 fine and court costs.

  • Church Happenings - June 5 Edition

    VBS at Finchville Baptist
    Finchville Baptist Church will host vacation Bible school through Thursday from 6 to 8:30 p.m. each day.
    The theme is “Kingdom Rock.”

    First Baptist announces VBS
    Vacation Bible school at First Baptist Church in Taylorsville will run through Friday from 9 a.m. to noon each day. The church is located at 115 W. Main St.
    Children from age 2 to new seventh-graders are invited to join to learn about “Facing fear, trusting God at Colossal Coaster World.”

  • ‘It’s all about me’

    Genesis 11:1-9 says:

  • Parking spots in Heaven

    The great thing about having a car is it can get you from here to there quickly. The drawback is finding a place to park once you get there. Work usually isn’t a problem; we generally figure that out after a little while and park in pretty much the same place every day. It’s when we are going somewhere else we struggle with parking.

  • BACK IN TIME: Frances Chesser honored for work in school cafeteria

    Editor’s note: Bloomfield resident Margie Stephens recently contacted The Spencer Magnet and asked us to rerun the following article, which originally appeared in April 2002, in honor of her friend Frances Chesser. The article appears as it ran in 2002 and The Magnet acknowledges some of the information may be out of date.

    When Frances Chesser began working in the lunchroom for the county’s only school back in 1962, she didn’t think she’d be working in same kitchen long enough to celebrate a 30-year anniversary, but she did.