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  • COLUMN: Control buttercups in pastures

    One of the signs that spring has arrived is when yellow buttercups begin to appear, but it’s during the winter months that the vegetative growth of buttercup actually takes place. As a cool-season weed, this plant often flourishes in over-grazed pasture with poor stands of desirable forages. In fact, many fields that have dense buttercup populations are fields heavily grazed by animals during the fall through the early spring months.

  • COLUMN: Rust diseases travel between host plants

    Last year our serviceberry was afflicted with a whimsical looking disease; the beautiful blue berries that appear in the summer looked like something from a Dr. Seuss book. In a good year the cedar waxwings usually flock in and eat the berries as they ripen, not so last year. The strange, white tubular protrusions that the berries were covered in not only looked funny but they kept the birds away, too.

  • Taylorsville Police Citations: April 3 edition

    The following citations were issued by the Taylorsville Police Department between March 15 and March 30:

    Alexandria P. Brown, 20, of Creekview Estates Drive in Louisville, was cited March 15 for no registration plates.

    Ruth A. Schultz, 18, of Schultz Road in Fisherville, was cited March 16 for no registration plates and failure of non-owner operator to maintain required insurance, first offense.

  • Public Record: District Court March 15 & 22

    The following cases were heard by Judge Donna Dutton in Spencer District Court on March 15:

    Thomas K. Husband (1980), make false statement to obtain increase of benefit over $100, amended to attempt to make false statement, guilty, 365 conditionally discharged for two years, $153 to be paid in installments/deferred payments, $916 restitution.

    Perry W. Spaulding (1969), fourth-degree assault domestic violence no visible injury, guilty, 365 days concurrent with state time, $153 to be paid in installments/deferred payments.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Looking for love and companionship online

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    What can you tell me about online dating for older people? My daughter has been urging me to give it a try, but at age 62, I’m a little hesitant.
    Lonely Senior

    Dear Lonely,
    Dating sites have become enormously popular among the older generation in recent years. In fact, boomers and seniors make up about 20 percent of online daters today, and the numbers keeps growing. Here’s what you should know.

    Meeting Online

  • Church Happenings — Week of April 3

    Narcotics Anonymous meetings at First Christian
    Narcotics Anonymous meetings will be held at First Christian Church weekly on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m.
    For more information, call 502-902-1648.

    Celebrate Recovery
    Celebrate Recovery, at Ridgeview Baptist Church, will have a new meeting date starting Tuesday, April 9. The meetings will start with Solid Rock Cafe at 6 p.m. and meetings begin at 6:30. Child care is provide.

  • COLUMN: Spring break gives a glimpse of summer

    Maybe you didn’t notice, but this week is spring break. The lack of the big yellow buses on the roads is a dead giveaway. But if you are a parent, and especially if you are in school yourself, you know that this week is spring break.
    Spring break is a hopeful taste of summer after a long dreary winter. Spring break reminds us that there is sunshine after the rain, rest after hard work, and the hope of summer ahead.

  • COLUMN: The wayward son and forgiving father

    Today’s text is from Luke 15:1-3 and 11-32:

  • COLUMN: Leisure: Is it a luxury or a necessity?

    Enjoying yourself, your life, your family, your fun without feeling guilty or unspiritual is no small task in our work-worshiping life.
    Achievements and goals to be reached are always important. But always being bent on being successful can lead to a life described as: “all work and no play makes Jack a boring boy.”

  • COLUMN: ‘Farmers’ Market’ mysteries provide entertainment

    I fell in love with mysteries when I was a kid, starting with Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown and moving on to Mary Higgins Clark as I got older. As an adult, I discovered that subgenres of mysteries are popular. Cat and dog mysteries seem to have started the trend. Now there are quilt mysteries, scrapbook mysteries, tea mysteries, and herb mysteries.