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  • PHOTOS: ‘Trimming’ the courthouse
  • BACK IN TIME: Images from Decembers past
  • PHOTO: Former Bear coaches state championship team

    Chris Riggs is a former standout football player for the Spencer County Bears and is now finding success on the sidelines as an assistant coach at Bowling Green High School. Riggs, shown here with two of his linebackers, helped coach the Bowling Green Purples to their second straight 3A State Title with a 34-20 win over Cooper on Saturday in the championship game.

  • Public Record: District Court Nov. 16

    The following cases were heard by Judge Linda Armstrong in Spencer District Court on Nov. 16, 2012:

    Martina Coto-Linarez (1988), speeding 15 miles over the legal limit, guilty, $173 fine; no operator’s/moped license, guilty, $50 fine, all fines and fees paid.

    Stephen C. Duncan (1984), speeding 15 miles over the legal limit, guilty, $25 fine; failure to wear set belts, guilty, $25 fine.

  • COLUMN: Some savvy tips for tracking down a lost pension

    Dear Savvy Senior
    How does one go about tracking down a lost pension? About 35 years ago, I worked at a manufacturing company for a few years that offered employee pensions, and I want to find out if I’m eligible for any money now that I’m about to retire.  
    Searching Steven

    Dear Steven,

  • COLUMN: Too much stress equals overload

    A national magazine shows a cartoon: a man sitting at a desk looking anxiously at five barometers on the nearby wall. One barometer is labeled Job Pressure, another states Financial Pressure, another reads Family Pressure, another reads Time Pressure, and the last of the five reads Social Pressure.
    While looking at this cartoon, the viewer produces a knowing smile, however, no one needs to have these five barometers to remind the viewer of severe daily pressures.

  • COLUMN: Try a batch of yummy, rich Mackinac Fudge this Christmas

    My husband and I started a tradition shortly after we got married of making goodies at Christmas for our family and friends. (The tradition was suspended when our daughter was born.) We tried out new recipes each year, but also took requests for favorites from previous years. One item that was always requested was fudge. We did not have an elaborate recipe, and in fact used the one on the back of the marshmallow cream jar. It is not real fudge, but it’s much easier and tastes great.

  • COLUMN: Kentucky’s ranking was based on hype

    It’s been a while since the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team didn’t make an appearance in the Top 25. After consecutive losses to unranked Notre Dame and then at home to Baylor, the Cats find themselves on the outside looking in for the first time in a very long time this week.
    Kentucky was grossly overrated to start the season. Here was a team that had no returning starters, no players with significant experience except for a transfer from mid-major Wright State (Julius Mays) and yet the pollsters were quick to anoint the Cats a top 3 team. Based on what?

  • Runners compete at AAU National Cross Country meet

    Five members of the Spencer County Middle School and Spencer County High School Cross Country teams were invited to run in the AAU National Cross Country meet this past weekend at Winthrop University in South Carolina.

  • Lady Bears fall to Waggener

    The Spencer County Lady Bears got off to a rough start and never recovered Saturday in a 72-41 loss at Louisville Waggener.