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  • COLUMN: From ‘Run for the Roses’ to Brennaman’s rage

    Derby Week. In name, Kentucky’s first Saturday in May is international. Run for the Roses.
    Kentucky Derby history is stirred to life in a rush of Bluegrass springtime. A pageant that comes to us in shades of green, golden rod yellows, white, black and stone fences and roses of course. Among the fixtures? Juleps, who’s who celebrities and women prancing about in immodest hats.
    Parties pop up like mushrooms, the biggest, loudest, longest socials possible, all arranged around a 6 o’clock call to the post at Churchill Downs.

  • Possible questions selected for May 10 county clerk forum

    The questions are in and the tallies have been counted — six reader-submitted questions have been selected as possibilities for the county clerk candidate forum  May 10, sponsored by The Spencer Magnet and the Spencer County-Taylorsville Chamber of Commerce.
    The forum will take place during the chamber’s monthly luncheon, which is from noon to 1 p.m. next Thursday.

  • PHOTO: Road to provide access to walking track, eventual soccer fields

    Work is well underway off of Taylorsville Road next to Spencer County High School for a road that will connect to what will become part of Ray Jewell Park. As part of the deal when the land was purchased, the seller agreed to provide $25,000 worth of bulldozer work to the county, Judge-Executive Bill Karrer said during the April 16 Fiscal Court meeting. A new roadway has now been excavated, and what is now being used as a walking track/cross country track will soon be easily accessible. The county may also get a new soccer field excavated within that $25,000 limit, Karrer said.

  • COLUMN: Peonies are a long-lived flower in the garden

    A couple of weeks ago, in mid-April, one of the prettiest flowers in the garden started to bloom. This great cut-leaf Japanese peony, Paeonia tenuifolia, opened its simple ruby-colored petals to reveal bright yellow stamen. The finely cut foliage, reminiscent of the most finely cut foliage of a Japanese maple, allows the plant to be interesting in the mixed border the rest of the growing season, too.

  • COLUMN: House plants and hanging baskets benefit from the outdoors

    Moving houseplants outside in late spring or early summer is good for them; they get better air circulation and light exposure. This also is a good time to repot your container-bound plants.
    Wait to move plants outdoors until at least mid- to late-May, or when the weather is consistently warm. Since most houseplants have a tropical origin, temperatures below 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit might damage them.

  • COLUMN: Catch onto the recycling spring fever

    Today, as I write, it is 80 degrees outside. Yesterday, it was 50.
    The tree pollen is heavy, vegetation is growing like crazy. My sinuses are killing me. Welcome to spring.
    We have been forced to dodge showers to pick up the litter along our roads, but a lot of progress has been made. I am proud of the effort being put into the project. Anything, including a roadway, looks better when it is clean. It is making a great improvement to the appearance of our county.

  • COLUMN: Proud to be a methamphetamine novice

    Much to my parents’ pleasure and my personal and professional well being, I am a novice when it comes to methamphetamine labs.
    The same goes for my coworkers, so I am sure we’ve been at least a little amusing for our local law enforcement officials to be around as we covered the most recent busts in the county.

  • Pretty in pink: Spencer County’s Grayson Lawson to be youngest participant in Oaks Day Survivors’ Parade

    Eight-year-old Grayson Lawson has to remind her mom not to cry when telling others about her daughter’s frightening cancer battle.

  • PHOTO: That’s a lot of pills!

    The Taylorsville Police Department collected 56 pounds of pills and 21 pounds of liquid medicine during Saturday’s drug drop off, held in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Agency. Residents could bring any expired/unused/unwanted pills, liquids, needles or other medications for free and safe disposal, no questions asked.

  • COLUMN: Should mothers work outside the home?

    In the last four weeks, I have heard a lot of discussion about Mitt Romney’s wife, who some say “never worked a day in her life.” The amazing thing is that we never go to the Bible for one answer about anything.
    We have heard from both Democrats and Republicans, both sides, but I think the way it sounds to me is they don’t care if she worked outside of the home or not. They are trying to use it for a political football.