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  • Taylorsville woman injured after bus accident last week

    One Taylorsville woman was ejected from her vehicle and injured last Wednesday morning after colliding with a Spencer County school bus in front of the middle school on Ky. 44. No children were seriously hurt in the accident.

  • EARLIER: Methbusters — Two busts in two days keep officials busy

    Acting on tips from community members, the Spencer County Sheriff’s Department located two separate sets of methamphetamine labs in the county within two days last week.

  • UNSOLVED MURDER: Family speaks out about mystery surrounding the death of Daniel Cahoe

    How 34-year-old Daniel Dale Cahoe spent his last days on Earth remains a mystery to his loved ones. They know he hadn’t been to his usual hangout, Boone’s Butcher Shop, where he had worked off and on for more than 10 years. They know he didn’t answer the phone, even when his identical twin brother, Roger Allen Cahoe, was shot on New Year’s Eve.

  • PHOTOS: Kids can cook, too!

    Youth gathered at the Spencer County Cooperative Extension Service on March 31 for the Kids in the Kitchen class. The class was offered as part of the Sharing OurSelves courses, and offered youngsters the opportunity to get into the kitchen and try out their culinary skills.

  • BACK IN TIME: ‘62 grand jury makes grounds recommendations to county

    50 years ago
    April 5, 1962

    Upon inspection of the courthouse and other property the grand jury recommended that:
    1. A wash basin be installed in the jail.
    2. That two additional lights be installed in the jail.
    3. The interior of the courthouse and jail be painted.
    4. That a reputable electrician be employed to inspect the wiring in the courthouse and same be repaired if necessary.
    5. The foundation of the courthouse be inspected and repaired if needed.

  • Public Record: District Court April 2012

    The following cases were heard in Spencer District Court on April 13, 2012, by Judge Matthew Eckert:

    Jason R. Didier (no birth year provided), resident fishing without a license/permit, guilty, $50 and court costs, paid.

    Charles Adam Cooper IV (1987), excessive windshield/window tinting, guilty, $50 fine; operating on a suspended/revoked operators license, amended to no license in possession, guilty, $20 fine and court costs.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Getting savvy about life settlements

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    What can you tell me about life settlements? I have a life insurance policy that I really don’t need any longer and I’ve heard that selling it can produce a nice payout.  
    Interested In Selling

    Dear Interested,
    If you don’t need your life insurance policy any longer, are having a difficult time keeping up with the premium payments or could just use the money, a life settlement is definitely an option worth considering.

    How it works

  • COLUMN: Parenting: No manual included

    What? I’m expected to be the “best parent” without a manual to learn from? When I buy anything other than groceries or clothes, there is always a manual or an instructional book provided to help learn how this thing should work, and what to do when it doesn’t.
    But, I’m expected to raise this “thing,” or “child,” to make it sound human, and be able to do it with little to no previous experience.

  • There she grows: Women farmers share family recipes and what it’s like growing America’s food

    When you try to picture what a farmer looks like, you probably don’t picture a woman. But women operate more than 30 percent of the more than 3 million farms in America — making them a large part of raising your food.

  • Zeller decision shows contrast in love of hoops in KY and IN

    A projected lottery pick, Indiana’s Tyler Zeller will not be available for the NBA draft.
    “I grew up hoping that one day I would get the opportunity to play in the NBA, but at this point, I’m not ready for my college experience to be over,” Zeller said in a press release.
    What curious logic for a 19-year-old — not ready for the college experience to end.