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  • Turtleman found fame by being himself

    By STEPHEN LEGA, Landmark News Service

    Editor’s note: This article originally ran in The Lebanon Enterprise, a sister paper to The Spencer Magnet. The Turtleman Ernie Brown Jr., a native of Marion County, is scheduled to appear at a fundraiser at the Spencer County Fairgrounds on April 21. Tickets are $10, and all proceeds will benefit the Mikie Monroe family.

    Ernie Brown Jr. has been the Turtleman around Marion County for decades, but that means something a little different today than it did just a few years ago.

  • Wildcat fan's labor of love produces one-of-a-kind treasure

    By PETER W. ZUBATY, Landmark News Service

    Fandom can take on many forms, and many levels of severity. For decades, fans have been finding new and elaborate ways to express devotion to their favorite teams.
    Few could match the path taken by Darleene Wimsett, who this year completed an 18-year labor of love and dedication to her favorite team, the Kentucky Wildcats.

  • Groundhog Day is every day for basketball in Kentucky

    While we wait for Bobby Petrino’s lips to move again, these things . . .
    For Hoops fans in Kentucky, today is a Bill Murray Groundhog Day . . . and tomorrow and the day after that.
    A national championship for Big Blue Nation; two state schools reached a Final Four, four locals made the Big Dance, and next season looks bright for all.
    The 2011-12 college basketball season in Kentucky was the grandest of grand statewide parties, bigger than the Barnstable Twins Derby bash and bigger than a Richie Farmer ballyhoo for No. 32.

  • One battle with cancer lost, but hope lives on

    Stacey Babb’s son, Alex, is 5 years old. When he was about 6 months old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and went through surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

    While the cancer seemed to be gone, her medical bills were overwhelming. She was unable to work and her husband, Tim, had to work from home to care for her and her son.

  • State warns consumers about fake GED tests

    Courtesy of the Kentucky Press News Service

  • School board members visit potential land sites for new school

    The Spencer County Board of Education met collectively March 30 to visit three pieces of property being considered for a new elementary school, and perhaps the only conclusion made from the visit is that there is no “perfect” location for the district’s newest school.

  • SOS devices can help save the lives of seniors


  • Children — Is there a perfect number?

    How much? How many? What am I talking about, anyway?
    Well, it’s not (a) how much money is enough, or (b) how many malted-milk balls you can consume, but how many kids is enough? And, how is it that some parents are satisfied with one and others have as many as the Duggar famiIy in the very popular and enjoyable TV program, “19 And Counting”? That’s right, they have 19 children and we, the viewers, do not have any idea how many there will be when they stop “counting.”

  • Additional development in attempted murder case

    A bizarre story of alleged domestic violence and attempted murder in Mount Eden has become even more strange as the suspect’s nephew now faces charges in the case for attempting to run the alleged victim over with his motorcycle.

  • PUBLIC RECORD: District Court April 6, 2012

    The following cases were heard by Judge Linda Armstrong in Spencer District Court on April 6, 2012:

    Jacob R. Burgin (1988), careless driving, guilty, $50 fine and $143 court costs.

    Thomas C. Crain (1951), operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs first offense, guilty, sentenced to 30 days conditionally discharged for two years, $728 fine paid, 30 days suspended operators license, alcohol and drug education program.