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  • Labor cabinet investigates work-related incident that claimed local man’s life

    The accident at a Spencer County Schools maintenance barn that claimed Wayne E. Howell’s life last Monday is officially under investigation by the Kentucky Personnel Cabinet.
    Cabinet information officer Ricki Gardenhire said Monday that little information could be released at this point.
    “They have opened an inspection,” Gardenhire said. “It’s still open. By policy, they are not going to comment on it until it is closed out.”

  • Flippin’ and floppin’: Court again changes its vote on repealing 2010 zoning regs

    In yet another turn of events in the Spencer County Fiscal Court’s zoning classification saga, on Monday, the court rescinded its prior vote, which took place on May 21, and revoted — this time to repeal its agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial zoning classifications, which had been in place since 2010.

  • Sheriff speaks publicly about claims he returned guns to felons

    Following a flurry of rumors, Spencer County Sheriff Donald “Buddy” Stump has opted to speak publicly in response to accusations that he knowingly returned guns to two convicted felons.

  • Taylorsville no more?

    Displeased citizens and water customers are rallying against the City of Taylorsville following the City Commission’s 3-1 decision to approve a budget that includes a 3.5 percent water rate increase for city and county customers.
    One disgruntled water customer has gone so far as to begin circulating a petition to start the process of dissolving the City of Taylorsville altogether.

  • COLUMN: The couples that play together, stay together

    What in the world does it mean for a couple to play together and stay together? Are you telling me that if we play together, we will more than likely stay together for the long haul? Yes.
    Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s explain what this really means as it relates to the full enjoyment of your marriage.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Seniors: Here are some savvy ways to understand your medical bills

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    I need some help understanding my medical bills from my knee replacement surgery earlier this year. My wife and I live on a pretty tight budget, so I like to keep track of our costs as closely as possible. But the bills I’ve received are vague and confusing, and we think we’re being overcharged. What can you tell us?
    Trying To Recover

    Dear Trying,

  • COLUMN: Will Louisville and IU put a ‘Pipp’ on UK and Cal?

    Let us pause and examine Major League Baseball’s draft last week and find it to be a pragmatic, sober mutually realistic with minimal hype. NBA drafters should be less greedy and so fortunate. Ditto, NCAA rules-makers counting cash as  Scrooge McDuck did, by the dump truck load. No time for innovation, let alone political courage to force change.
    A few ball coaches will have time.

  • Venom strikes, finishes 2nd at state

    The Kentucky Youth Soccer Association held its annual state tournament in Richmond. The tournament hosted 78 teams from different age groups from all across the state.


    Mercy Academy of Louisville won the 2012 KHSAA High School State Softball Championship on Saturday in Owensboro. Hayley Twyman, left, and Leigh Ellen Thomas of Spencer County are both pitchers for Mercy. Mercy’s record was 37-8 for the season, and the team went undefeated in the state tournament.


    Old Towne Business Association to meet tonight
    The Old Towne Business Association will meet tonight (Wednesday) from 5 to 7 at Dr. James Strong’s office, 153 E. Main St.
    Meetings are open to all businesses within the flood wall.
    Refreshments will be served.

    Chamber to host monthly luncheon Thursday
    The Taylorsville-Spencer County Chamber of Commerce will host its monthly luncheon at noon Thursday.