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  • POLL: Have you ever played disc golf?

    Have you ever played disc golf?

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  • ANNIVERSARY: Keelings celebrate 48th anniversary

    Evan and Donna Keeling celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary at their home on Burns Lane in the Little Union area. They were married in Livingston, Tenn., on March 7, 1964. They have three children, Timothy (Nina) Keeling, Amy (Charlie) Mattingly and Stephen (Stacy) Keeling; 14 grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren. They are members of Little Union Baptist Church. (This photo of the Keelings appears courtesy of Belinda Sheeley.)

  • BACK IN TIME: McClain, Marattay named to ‘62 UK Committee of 240

    50 years ago
    March 8, 1962
    Miss Annette McClain, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Scott McClain, Route 1, Taylorsville, and Miss Berttye Sue Marattay, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Marattay, also of Route 1, have been named to the University of Kentucky Committee of 240.

  • Public Record: March district court and February indictment (3/14)


    The following cases were heard by Judge Linda Armstrong in Spencer District Court on March 9, 2012:

    Hubert R. Cornett (1985), operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs first offense, guilty, $728 fine, 30 days suspended operators license, alcohol and drug education program. Fines and fees to be paid in installments/deferred payment.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Children caring for elderly parents could be eligible for tax breaks

    Dear Savvy Senior
    My wife and I provide a lot of financial support to my elderly mother and are wondering if any of it is tax deductible. What can you tell us?
    Stretched Thin

    Dear Stretched,
    There is some tax relief available to adult children who help look after their aging parents or other relatives. But in order to be eligible, both you and your mom will need to meet Uncle Sam’s criteria. Here’s what you should know.

    IRS Eligibility

  • COLUMN: The facts about depression, part 2

    Well, as stated in last week’s column, this is part two on this subject, so as not to leave you hanging and wondering, “what is wrong with me ... am I depressed, or am I just feeling down and maybe this will just pass if I just wait it out?”
    Well, why not take the following simple self-rating depression scale by answering “true” to those that you feel are actually true: (taken from the book mentioned last week, “Happiness Is a Choice”):
    1. I feel like crying now more often than a year ago.
    2. I feel blue and sad.

  • Refreshing: Cool mint pie is creamy, dreamy

    St. Patrick’s Day has the potential to create fun memories of family traditions. The day can revolve around far more than wild parties and revelry. For kids, depictions of rainbows, leprechauns and all things green can elevate the day from ordinary to one talked about for years to come. It is fun to celebrate the minor holidays to help break up the year and give kids some sense of the rhythm of seasons.

  • COLUMN: Kentuckiana — college basketball’s Mecca

    March Madness is here and it’s like a holiday for basketball fans in Kentuckiana. The field of 68 was announced Sunday evening and regardless of what color hat you wear, there’s a likely a team for you to root for.
    Forget about Tobacco Road. We live in college basketball’s Mecca and a quick scan of a map will reveal just how prominent and dominant basketball is in this area. Take Louisville, circle a 200-mile radius around the area and look how many teams are in the NCAA field are located within.

  • Spencer County teams battle for River City championship

    Two Spencer County youth soccer teams recently battled for the championship of the River City Indoor Soccer League.

    The league consisted of teams from all over Kentucky and Southern Indiana.
    The Blaze won the championship against the Venomous Crew “in a battle in which all players left everything they had on the field,” according to a news release.
    Both teams represented Spencer County well during the regular season and tournament, said Venomous Crew Coach Andy Mallory.

  • COLUMN: Bring out the oohs and ahhs, it’s ‘big dance’ time in Kentucky

    Best three weeks in sports? Roll out the jargon: Big dance ... bracketology ... good draw-bad draw ... “we wuz robbed” ... one to another Final Four and One Shining Moment punctuation.
    Bonus? The Bluegrass State is so near the middle of it all, we can hear the heartbeats. Heck, we are the heartbeat.