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  • COLUMN: 2012: Previewing the sports year to come

    Newspapers, networks and magazines often look back at this time of year as they review the year just completed. It’s interesting to take a review trip over the past 12 months to see the events that impacted our world and community, but it’s equally as fun to look ahead.
    So with a brand new sports year ahead of us beginning in just a few days, here is one sports fan’s wishes for 2012:

  • COLUMN: Roark to Rockcastle, Morehead to Murray, 2011 was fun

    Louisville at Kentucky.
    An argument can be made that Saturday’s high noon hoedown in Rupp Arena looms as (too) much about personalities John Calipari and Rick Pitino as it does about players and the game.
    Here are some questions and conclusions for thought during Saturday’s game:
    • Officiating. Which coach will impose his will to best effect?
    • Can Pitino do his brilliance, dictate game pace and level of physical play?
    • Will Terrence Jones show up? Will Peyton Siva stand up?

  • Free online tool promotes good ag practices

    Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan, along with leaders from food and agriculture organizations, introduced recently a free online tool to help U.S. producers of all sizes achieve good agricultural practices harmonized standards and certification, helping to further expand economic opportunities for American agriculture.

  • SuperTracker in time for healthy New Year’s resolutions

  • COLUMN: A new year in the garden and on the farm

    Hope you don’t mind that I take this opportunity to reflect a little.  Another year is gone. I remember my elders marveling over this and how quickly time goes by and I get it now.  I have learned some this year but I don’t necessarily feel smarter; I have aged some but don’t necessarily feel older; and I have made new friends that have taught me that there is always potential, which has made me excited about the rest of my life.

  • The Far Middle: Dec. 28
  • PHOTOS: Students enjoy career week at TES

    Taylorsville Elementary School students recently participated in Career Week, during which guidance lessons were focused on career awareness.

    Teachers included different activities for this theme into their week.  
The week culminated with the school’s Career Day event.  Students had the opportunity to share their future career aspirations in a variety of ways.  Representatives from each of the 14 Kentucky Career Clusters visited assigned grades to share information about their career.  

  • PHOTO: TES Drama Club performs ‘The Frog Prince Continued’

    Pictured is the Frog Prince, played by Stanley Shivers. The Prince was turned into a coach by the Fairy Godmother, who was played by Jasmine Patterson.

  • Spencer Christian Church announces new Saturday night service

    Spencer Christian Church is announcing the addition of a new Saturday worship service beginning Jan. 7 at 5:30 p.m.  
    According to a news release, church leaders have been praying and discussing the need for an alternate time of worship for those who are unable to make a Sunday morning service.  
    Associate Minister, Ivan Spencer said, “We are so in love with Jesus that we want to offer solutions and remove barriers that hinder people from experiencing God and loving Jesus.”  

  • COLUMN: Doing the Lord’s work, at any age

    I was talking to one of my daughters the other day, after she read one of my articles in the paper. She said, “Dad, you probably made a lot of people mad with that article.” My reply — “Maybe so, but I preached it in my church and everyone came back the next Sunday.”
    I only preach and write what God lays on my heart, and one thing is for sure, I am going to stay true to God regardless of what he tells me to do.