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  • Court debates recycling

    Magistrates have yet to dig deep into budget talks, but some discussion Monday night may have signaled clues as to what could be on the chopping block.
    A proposal to spend $3,200 to repair a baler for the recycling center was put on hold following some debate about the future of the services at the center. Magistrate Jerry Moody questioned the financial wisdom of the center operating trucks to pick up items to be recycled, when the center continues to be a drain on the county’s budget.

  • Free Speech Matters

    One of the most important bills to pass out of Frankfort and make it to the governor’s desk for his signature this past session, was HB 254 which eliminates free speech zones on publicly funded colleges and universities.
    At first read, you may think that eliminating a free speech zone runs counter to encouraging the free exchange of ideas and opinions. Actually, the free speech zones were enacted to curtail free speech and to control the flow of thought and philosophies by relegating “controversial” issues and topics to limited spaces.

  • Share your outdoor experiences

    Yes, we just endured another pretty mild winter, but the cold always seems to feel colder in February and March when we long for warmer weather, sunny skies and getting outdoors.
    Spring is here and it’s always amazing at how quickly Kentucky turns green. If you pay attention, there are more leaves unfurled on your drive home than you noticed on your drive into work this morning. The change is rapid and the change is welcome!

  • Local couple starts Little Free Library


  • River markers help rescuers aid paddlers


  • Tipton reflects on session; looks to 2020


  • Finding a forever home


  • State will resurface two roads

    Kentucky Transportation Secretary Greg Thomas attended Monday night’s meeting of the Spencer County Fiscal Court as state transportation officials outlined their recommendation for rural secondary road projects in Spencer County for the upcoming fiscal year.
    Thomas explained that the Transportation Cabinet shares Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin’s vision about bringing more jobs and opportunities to Kentucky, and suggested that has changed the way the cabinet views many projects.

  • It's time to move on

    If you went to MoveOn.org in recent days, you may have noticed an appeal to act and petitions to sign that would release the Mueller Report, keep the Russian collusion narrative spinning and continue to mire the Trump administration in a perceived scandal.
    You’ll find the same message being spewed across mainstream media as the news over the weekend that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s two-plus year investigation failed to turn up any evidence of Trump collusion with the Russians to affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

  • There’s a strong case for a county levee fee

    Much is made sometimes about the great divide between urban and rural. City folks sometimes like to make fun of country folks, and country folks will laugh at city folks. Sometimes the differences are trivial and comical.