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  • Student leads fundraising effort for orphanage

    Nolan Thompson has a desire to help people, and that desire is helping him reach all the way across the globe to Kenya.

    Nolan, a 10-year-old fifth-grader at Spencer County Elementary School, is heading up a project to raise funds for the Tumaini Center Orphanage in Kenya.

    In May, Nolan spearheaded a food drive project to benefit tornado victims in Alabama, so this isn’t his first go-round.

  • A ‘Hometown’ Christmas

    There are few things more inviting than a warm, friendly home decorated for Christmas, and some of those whimsical postcard-like settings can be found right here in Spencer County on the 2011 Christmas  Home Tour.

  • Spencer Co. man formally charged with assault

    As Denisse Escareno remains in a coma, fighting a new infection, the man accused of leaving her in that condition made his first court appearance on Tuesday.

    And even as Escareno’s family and friends have continued to rally around her fight to survive being brutally assaulted three weeks ago, her community has joined in that support.

  • Puckett retires as county clerk, Hesselbrock named as successor

    County Clerk Judy Puckett will retire from office effective Thursday, Dec. 1, and Lynn Hesselbrock will take office as the new clerk on that same date.

    Puckett announced her retirement Monday in a letter to Spencer County Judge-Executive Bill Karrer.

    Karrer read the letter aloud during Monday night’s meeting of the fiscal court.

    Karrer said he asked Puckett to attend that meeting to discuss issues regarding her budget.

    Puckett responded with a letter that said:

  • COLUMN: Chances to spread holiday cheer

    Close your eyes for a minute and go back to your favorite Christmas as a child. You can probably smell, if not taste, the cookies you left under the tree for Santa.
    You can probably feel the anticipation gathering up inside you. Maybe you hear the crackling of a fire place and feel your eyes getting heavy as you try to catch the man with a belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly.
    My guess is that most of you reading this woke up that Christmas morning with toys piled so high around the tree you didn’t know where to start.

  • Doghouse Divided: Week 10 (the final installment)

    Five weeks later ...
    The weather was perfect for the Civil War reenactment. The Barkstreet Band was introduced, and we took the stage. I played drums, Bark played lead guitar, Brutus played bass, and Otis played acoustic. Five weeks ago, we thought we’d have to disband when Bark came to the house and said our lead singer had developed kennel cough, but thanks to Chloe, the show would go on.

  • Public record: District court August 2011

    The following cases were heard  by Judge Matthew Eckert in Spencer District Court on Aug. 19, 2011:

    Devin Chesser (1987), operating on a suspended/revoked operators license, amended to no operators license in possession, guilty, $50 fine and state traffic school.

    Julia A. Riggs (1971), speeding 17 miles over the legal limit, guilty, fines and state traffic school.

    Lana P. Bush (1957), speeding 19 miles over the legal limit, guilty, speeding 19 miles over the legal limit, court costs and state traffic school.

  • COLUMN: When ‘good people’ do ‘bad things’

    When in high school, a man was twice elected as class president. He also played basketball and football, and learned to play the piano. This otherwise relatively “good” kid, from a well-respected family with parents who reportedly taught good values, in 1981 attempted to assassinate the then-sitting U.S. president, Ronald Reagan, wounding him and three others who were with him — one of whom, Mr. Brady, suffered severe wounds and was left crippled for life.

  • The tradition continues at the All Saints Holiday Bazaar

    The ninth ann­ual Holiday Bazaar at All-Saints Catholic Church will be Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event began as a way for the church to raise money for charity while allowing local craftspeople to sell their wares, said Penny Burns, who has chaired the event since its inception.

  • PHOTO: Runners-up

    The Spencer County Strikers U-14 team finished second in the Commonwealth Tournament last weekend in Bardstown.