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  • Spencer County’s homegrown hero

    Spencer County’s own Tech. Sgt. Jonathon Gray of the Kentucky Air National Guard is about half way through a 10-month deployment in Afghanistan right now, but his job in the war-torn country might not be what most expect.

    Gray traditionally serves as an aircraft parts inspector for the Air Force but got the unique opportunity to volunteer for Kentucky’s Agriculture Development Team program, which is made up of members of the state’s Army and Air National Guard.

  • POLL: Do you support Karrer's appointment of Hesselbrock as county clerk?

    Do you support Judge Karrer's appointment of Lynn Hesselbrock as county clerk?

    Click here to vote!

  • Public record: District court October 2011

    The following cases were heard by Judge Linda Armstrong in Spencer District Court on Oct. 7, 2011:

    Nanette L. Dawson (1976), speeding 24 miles over the legal limit, guilty, $143 fine, state traffic school.

    Steven A. Moran (1992), speeding 13 miles over the legal limit, guilty, $169 fine and court costs.

    Lucinda Steers (1965), speeding 25 miles over the legal limit, guilty, $143 court costs, state traffic school.

  • COLUMN: We all need nurturing, support

    When you were a child, you were aware of your need to be nurtured and supported. However, as you grow up, the need changes, but is still there.
    Everyone wants someone who is accepting, understanding, protective and genuinely caring. When, for the most part, this is absent, it is a frequent cause of dissatisfaction with a relationship, whether being single or married.

  • Document those special holiday memories

    The Christmas season is such a special time, filled with lots of events and opportunities for making memories. For years I have collected Christmas photos along with stories in an album to share with my family. Last year, I changed up my formula a little and documented Christmas in two different ways.

  • Local historical marker displays inaccurate information

    After proof to the Kentucky Historical Society that Historical Marker 594 in front of the Spencer County Courthouse is wrong, the state has agreed to correct and replace it.

  • Bears 2011-12 basketball schedule

    Nov. 28     DeSales     Home
    Dec. 1    Whitefield Academy   Away
    Dec. 6    Nelson County    Away
    Dec. 13    Western Hills    Home
    Dec. 21-23    Barger Memorial    Away (at N. Bullitt)
    Dec. 27-29    Nelson County Tourney    Away  
    Jan. 5    Adair County    Home

  • Lady Bears 2011-12 basketball schedule

    Nov. 28     Shawnee     Away
    Dec. 2    Gallatin County    Home
    Dec. 3    Waggener    Home
    Dec. 5    Collins    Away
    Dec. 12    Western Hills    Home
    Dec. 17    Trimble County    Away
    Dec. 19-21    Campbellsville Food Pantry Holiday Classic   at Campbellsville

  • DNA used to solve deer poaching cases and study wildlife population dynamics

    Using DNA as a way to identify individuals is not restricted to the investigation of crimes against humans.
    Wildlife law enforcement officers have been relying on DNA evidence since the late 1980s to help prosecute persons who take wildlife illegally. Biologists discovered that DNA provides valuable information about the population dynamics of the wildlife they monitor and manage.

  • Bears’ returning players can hit the outside shot

    In boxing, an outsized, outclassed fighter who has enough will and determination to climb into the ring with a bigger, stronger opponent can still swing away and is given a “puncher’s chance” to beat any opponent.