• LETTER: Vote Heaton in 50th District

    During the November election, we are going to be casting our vote for state representative to represent the 50th District in Frankfort and I strongly believe our choice should be Dick Heaton. I have had the privilege to work with Dick Heaton when he was a Bardstown City Councilman and Bardstown Mayor and I have watched him be a great advocate for our county.

  • LETTER: Hesselbrock is a clear choice

    I am writing in response to the letter from Paul David Jewell about the county clerk. In my opinion the clerk’s office has changed dramatically from a place that you hated to walk into to a place that is comfortable and welcoming when you walk in. There is now a genuine smile when you walk into the office not a look of distaste because you have bothered someone to do their job.

  • LETTER: Supporting Dick Heaton

  • LETTER: Don’t wait for perfect

  • LETTER: Hesselbrock brings accountability to the clerk’s office

    The elections are just a few weeks away and while the national media may be hyper-focused on the presidential race, voters in Spencer County have an equally important race to consider.
    In Kentucky, the County Clerks are responsible for seeing to fair and honest elections, locally and all the way up to the presidential elections we hear so much about. It is important that the County Clerk be honest, thorough and above reproach.

  • LETTER: Many people made Progressive Dinner a success

    On Sept. 22, 2012, at 5 p.m., the Progressive Dinner was in full swing starting with appetizers at Porter and Associates, salad at The Peoples Bank, a stop for wine and cheese tasting with Mr. and Mrs. William Stewart, then to soup with Bennett’s Hardware and Creekside Florist, next to the Chamber of Commerce Building for the main course by Chef Josh Moore with Volare Restaurant, and finally to desserts at Valley Apparel sponsored by the Taylorsville-Spencer County Fire Department.

  • LETTER: Mechanic says thank you for the thank you

    So, I found myself looking at the front page of the Magnet and saw an article about the helpful people of Taylorsville.
    I am Eathan, one of the trusty mechanics, mentioned in the article. I just wanted to say thanks to Sue and all the people that tried to help her.
    Sue is one of our longtime customers at the station at Smith’s that I have met in my four years I’ve been working here at the station.
    It is always a pleasure to do work for her. Sue is always friendly and courteous and always has a story to tell.

    Eathan Roehrig

  • LETTER: Vote your values

    In three weeks, we the citizens of the United States of America, will be asked to determine whether this country will be “One Nation Under God” as it was created to be, by our founding fathers, or whether we will fall into the same trap as our European socialist neighbors and become just one more of the many secular countries that are devolving into moral decay and economic chaos.  

  • LETTER: Thanks for support in Louisville Diabetes Walk

    On behalf of my family and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, a sincere thank you.
    Sept. 29 was The Greater Louisville Diabetes Walk at Churchill Downs. We had 7,000 people in attendance and over 300 were from Spencer County.
    We are especially grateful to our local businesses for making generous donations. Thank you to the SCMS Dance Team, the SCHS Drum Line, Cheerleaders and Dance Team for coming out and supporting the walk.

  • Hesselbrock has improved clerk's office

    In May, my husband and I retired in Taylorsville after living in many other states, though never in Kentucky. Before purchasing our home, we often visited the Spencer County Clerk’s Office researching the prospective subdivision. We found the clerk’s staff to be very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. We were given undivided attention and at the end of our search we were confident with making our decision.