• LETTER: Spending cuts must be made carefully

    President Obama is faced with a budget that is spiraling out of control and we all agree that spending has to be cut. But where and whom do we hurt in the process? The President’s recent State of the Union address specifically targeted the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) as a program for which he would cut funding by 50%. Few people know what CSBG is and how it impacts their community.

  • LETTER: If resident doesn't like county, he can leave

    The many complaints of (Lawrence) Trageser, where do we begin, there are so many? As a taxpayer in Spencer County,

    I would like to address a few.

    Beginning with the most recent, when Mr. Trageser approached the court with an issue of Mic-Zee’s expansion. If the city of Taylorsville doesn’t have a problem with the expansion being six or seven feet on the right-of-way, then why should you? If it in fact is, then any problems that would arise would be at the expense of Mic-Zee’s.

  • LETTER: Resident claims good ole’ boy system still exists

    Although many crooked political figures in Spencer County have gone by the wayside, the good ol’ boy system of theft, lies, and circumventing the rule of law has not.

    What should have been a routine application for a construction permit has turned into a confiscation of taxpayer property. Charles Michael and Constance Ann Driscoll received an illegal permit. They failed to follow zoning regulations, building not only on their 15 ft. set back, but on the right of way of Reasor Avenue. How could this happen?

  • 'Food for Fines' a success

    The Spencer County Public Library “Food for Fines” program concluded on January 31. Boxes of non-perishable food items were donated to Dare to Care, the Family Resource Center, and the Judge-Executive’s Christmas Basket drive.  Thanks to all of our great patrons who made this program a success.
    Debra Lawson, Director
    Spencer County Public Library

  • LETTER: Weather can't stop science fair

    Editor’s note: The Spencer County Middle School recently had its annual science fair and sponsor Mike Jessee submitted the following thank you. The fair was rescheduled from its original Jan. 27 date to Feb. 3 due to inclement weather.

  • LETTER: Blessed by good neighbors

    We recently moved from Louisville to our new home at the corner of Akins Rd. and Mt. Washington Road. As soon as we moved in, I found a bag on the door containing bread, fruit etc. welcoming us to the neighborhood.

    Nobody drives down Akins without waving. For Christmas, we received a nice plate of Christmas treats. Recently, our little chihuahua dog came up missing.
    Neighbors who had never even met us made phone calls, got out and searched with flashlights and one drove around in her car.

  • LETTER: Thanks for supporting high school social studies dept.

    I would like to thank Hometown Pizza and manager Chris Riggs for providing pizza coupons for students who scored a distinguished on last year’s Social Studies KTTS assessment. Additional coupons were awarded to everyone who made my A+ club for the second nine weeks.

    These students have a nine week’s average of 97% or above.

    Thanks for your support of the Spencer County High School Social Studies department.

    Melita Drake
    Social Studies
    Department Chair
    Spencer County High School

  • LETTER: Other SCHS graduates in 1,000 point club

  • LETTER: Thanks to neighbor for lending a helping hand

  • LETTER: Thanks to neighbor for lending a helping hand