• Levee Commission recognizes Driscoll

    The Spencer County Levee Flood and District Drainage 1 Commission and the broader community lost a valued member and leader on July 30, 2019, with the death of Charles Michael Driscoll.
    Mike Driscoll served many years as a commissioner and we wish to recognize his significant contributions over the course of his service.
    As we mourn his death, we extend our sincerest condolences to his friends in Spencer County, and to his family.
    The Spencer County Levee Flood
    and Drainage District #1

  • A good deed did not go unnoticed

    In times of grief caused by those whose behavior centers around their own impulsive selfishness, there are others who inspire hope.
    One such person is James Black of Spencer County. Faced with the problem of transporting a large, ten foot box of lawn equipment, store personnel and I discovered it was too big for my vehicle. As we stood there wondering what to do today, a complete stranger came up and offered his help.

  • Letters to the editor

    Praises veterans for
    cemetery cleanup

    Kudos and thanks to the AMVETS and volunteers for their cleanup of the hillside section of the Taylorsville Pioneer Cemetery. This historic graveyard holds the remains of many early citizens of Taylorsville.
    Thanks are also due to the City of Taylorsville for keeping the cemetery mowed.
    Please visit the cemetery, if you are able to get to it. Unfortunately, there is no readily available parking or access by automobile.
    Betty Darnell

  • Letters to the Editor

    Navy veteran supports
    Buddy Stump

    For 52 years, I have had the privilege and honor to grow up, know and be friends with your Sheriff, Donald “Buddy” Stump.

  • Congress ceded power to president

    In response to Jim Waters’ June 8 article:

  • NRA gun policy

    Dear Editor,

    I enjoyed your article on the NRA convention and how safe it was because everyone had guns.

    I thought I heard on the news that guns and knives were not allowed in the room where our senators, our governor and Trump were speaking. What conclusion should I draw?

    Larry Lawson

  • LETTER: Informed voters should support Bevin

    First let me get one thing clear: Although I am the chairman of the local Tea Party, I do not speak for the Tea Party. We simply try and inform the public of the truth.
    I have, and will escalate if need be, started an effort to inform people not to vote for those who do not deserve their vote. I will no longer vote for the skunk that smells the least. Mitch McConnell has been in Washington, D.C., 30 years and cannot run a campaign based on his accomplishments. That is sad that We the People have allowed this to happen.

  • LETTER: Couple bids farewell to Spencer County

    Back in the fall of 1993 we were looking for a place to build our dream house. Lucky for us, we discovered Spencer County.
    We first fell in love with the beauty of Spencer County and soon after discovered the people who call Taylorsville home are even more delightful than the natural resources. From the start, we were warmly welcomed at every retail establishment, given much-needed advice on services, and formed friendships that will last for years.

  • LETTER: Christian rally at capitol a 'refreshing' day

    There were standing-room-only crowds in the House and Senate chambers Tuesday as various Christian legislators spoke up about their faith in Jesus and how this faith effects their decisions.
    Then there was a gathering in the rotunda where several ministers spoke and the songs “Amazing Grace” and “God Bless America” were sung. The weather was absolutely beautiful – our first “spring” day.

  • LETTER: Farm tag donations help support FFA

    As we get closer to April, it’s that time of year when many of us are renewing our farm license tags.   
    As many of you may not know,  individuals purchasing farm license plates in Kentucky may make a $10 donation to the state 4-H and FFA youth programs through the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. This donation is split evenly between Kentucky Proud, 4-H and FFA.
    Of the FFA portion, 50 percent stays with the State FFA Foundation and 50 percent goes to the local FFA chapter.