• LETTER: Level back yards aren’t safe gun ranges

    I want to qualify that I am not against gun ownership, at least by the mentally sane and responsible individual. I own guns myself, however, I do have a problem when neighbors spend hours upon hours target shooting and imposing extremely loud noise within close earshot.
    This shooting usually entails unsafe (non-embankment) targets putting the public at risk. It is inconsiderate, annoying and frightening. This shooting takes place at various times of the day, mostly on weekends, and sometimes a good while after sunset.

  • LETTER: The power of words

    I have always felt the key to life and success is good communication. Words are the foundation that communication is built upon. Words are powerful and they can be positive or negative. They can make you happy or they can make you sad. Too often words are used without giving careful thought. Words create wars and words can give you eternal life.

  • LETTER: Give Bevin a platform

    In case some have not heard, there is a conservative running against Sen. Mitch McConnell in next year’s race. His name is Matt Bevin. He grew up on a farm in New Hampshire, he was a military officer, and is now a successful businessman with a large family. He loves this country and will not be a part of the problem that McConnell has helped to create in his 30 years in congress. We saw just how the senator caves when other members of congress try and trim the budget. Oh wait, there has not been a budget since Barack Hussein Obama took office.

  • LETTER: 'Apathy, the greatest threat to freedom'

    In 1887, Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior:

  • LETTER: Glasscock left his mark on the community

    The first time we met C.L. Glasscock was down at his sawmill/homestead. We were there to buy a bit of specialty lumber for the fireplace mantel in the home we were building in Spencer County. His wife, Roberta, introduced us to him as Junior so he has been Junior Glasscock to us ever since.
    During that first meeting, Junior regaled us with stories of cutting wood throughout the county and knew exactly where we were building our home as he had, according to him, “Cut about a jillion fence posts up there.”

  • LETTER: Read clearly before you disagree
  • LETTER: Here we go again

    It is agenda time for the socialists who want to disarm the country.  A country where the courts, including the Supreme Court, time and again have ruled that an individual is responsible for the protection of themselves, family and property, not law enforcement, is once again hearing calls for disabling the second amendment.

  • LETTER: Thanks to Eagle Scout Noah Franklin

    On behalf of the Spencer County Parks and Recreation Department, I would like to extend a special thank you to Eagle Scout Noah Franklin and his family on the wonderful job they did on the picnic tables and the new grill they donated to Waterford Park.
    Brian Spencer
    Parks Director

  • LETTER: Share your voice with your government

    “We kill people who kill people to show them killing people is wrong,” is one of my favorite sayings. Unless you have voided yourself from all communication, you are aware of the international crisis in Syria. Having spent considerable time in the Middle East, the thought of military intervention anywhere at any time in this region scares me to death. Having traveled six continents and 63 countries, I have found the Middle East to be a totally different world.

  • LETTER: A response from one letter writer to another

    This letter is a written response to a letter from Wesley Martin, which was run in the Magnet on Aug. 28.
    Wes, I think you’re wrong on several counts.