Matter of Opinion

  • Lessons from my dog

    I’m about to make some of you boiling mad. But before I do, let me tell you about a dog I loved.
    When I was a little boy, we had a medium-sized tanned mutt that wandered onto our three acres in Ballardsville and made herself at home. We named her Lassie. Lassie was a good dog. If I was bored, she’d play with me. If I was sad or sulking out on the back porch because Mom had just given me a whippin’, Lassie would sit beside me and look up at me with big brown eyes that seemed to feel my pain.

  • The real Resist movement

    The Resist Movement in America began late on a Tuesday night in November of 2016 when America elected Donald J. Trump as the 45th president. Shocked and awed that Trump had withstood a Hillary campaign that outspent Trump’s by $240 million, along with media-manipulated polls promising a Clinton victory and near constant negative coverage of Trump, Americans on the left of the political spectrum, and some conservatives who buried themselves in Never Trump trenches, immediately began an effort to push back and adopted an existence of denial.

  • Ruling helps protect the integrity of our vote

    Whether you like Donald Trump or hate him, one thing is certain -- one of the most lasting impacts the Trump presidency will have on this nation is the placement of new federal judges, including justices on the U.S. Supreme Court. Early returns show that those conservative judges are restoring common sense and founding principles to America.

  • The free exercise thereof

    Even in the midst of a great moral and spiritual decline, America has always tolerated cultural Christians. A cultural Christian is one who may go to church, will proclaim a belief in and a love for God when asked, and who may be so brazen as to wish you a Merry Christmas come December.

  • Let us never forget

    I don’t remember anything about my third birthday. I know I was living in a little community not far from here in rural Oldham County called Ballardsville. Nothing memorable ever stood out to me about September 22, 1969 until last Thursday when I talked to Dale Yates.

  • A Kentucky tragedy that should never be forgotten


  • Life is precious and sacred

    Life is precious. We learn that in various ways and from different people. This week, we’re reminded about the value of life from a Spencer County couple who suffered through a miscarriage and the loss of their preborn daughter.
    Thankfully, the mother will be holding their 6-week old daughter tightly on Mother’s Day, with a greater understanding than many of us may have – that life is indeed precious.

  • Classless comedy sinks journalism even lower

    According to a number of polls and surveys, journalists are among the least trusted and respected professionals in America. Granted, we’re listed above used car salesmen, big business executives and politicians, but perhaps journalists spend so much time vilifying some of those latter groups just to make sure we don’t end up on the very bottom.
    Not all the disdain toward our profession is deserved, but unless and until we acknowledge that much of it is, we should not expect things to get better.

  • A Bluegrass Bucket List

    My wife I just returned from a trip to Arizona where we took in the splendor of the Grand Canyon, among other interesting sites.
    The Grand Canyon is an awe-inspiring site and is probably one of the few things in this world that actually lives up to its hype.
    There’s a lot of diversity in Arizona, from the deserts in the south, to the more appealing (at least to me) northern portion that includes the red rocks of Sedona and the ponderosa pine forests of the canyon area.

  • Who won? Not your average Joe

    Somewhere in Kentucky, there’s a man named Joe struggling to feed his family. He’s been raised to believe in hard work and self-sufficiency, so he works overtime to make ends meet and avoids having to rely on government assistance. Sure, it makes life hard, but it does him proud to be able to look his family in the eye, and himself in the mirror.
    Unfortunately, Kentucky just made it harder on Joe.