Today's Opinions

  • Storm Watchers

    As we go to press, a powerful hurricane is bearing down on the southeast coast. We’ve all been following the slow track of Dorian as the storm has been inching it’ way toward the mainland, gaining strength and leaving forecasters befuddled as to where it might make landfall.
    Hurricanes are both terrible and fascinating. They can bring so much death and destruction to large portions of a state or region. This particular storm is forecast to hover the edge of the Atlantic coast, perhaps all the way up to Virginia or beyond.

  • Levee Commission recognizes Driscoll

    The Spencer County Levee Flood and District Drainage 1 Commission and the broader community lost a valued member and leader on July 30, 2019, with the death of Charles Michael Driscoll.
    Mike Driscoll served many years as a commissioner and we wish to recognize his significant contributions over the course of his service.
    As we mourn his death, we extend our sincerest condolences to his friends in Spencer County, and to his family.
    The Spencer County Levee Flood
    and Drainage District #1

  • In God We Trust

    In God We Trust.
    It’s our national motto, and has been officially since 1956. However, it’s been an unofficial national motto and a prevailing philosophy in America that dates back to before the Revolution.
    In fact, it was trust in God that gave our Founders the confidence and courage to stand up to British tyranny.

  • Farmers have global concerns

    As U.S. Representative Brett Guthrie stood inside a metal building on the farm of Eric and Karen Sweazy Monday, he noticed the smiles that increased with the sound of the steady rain falling on the roof. After fears switched from too much rain in the spring, to not enough rain in mid-summer, the showers brought some relief to those whose livelihood is often dependent upon the weather.

  • Contentment over riches

    A professional football player created a lot of stir, a lot of anger,  a lot of disappointment and a lot of headlines over the weekend when he decided, at age 29, to walk away from the game and untold millions of dollars in future revenue.
    Indianapolis Colt’s quarterback Andrew Luck shocked the sports world when he announced that he was retiring. He said numerous injuries and the constant battle to rehab and recover put him in a spot to consider his long-term happiness and the life that he wanted to live. He’ll find no criticism from me.

  • Calling all Bears fans

    Friday nights are going to be a little bit different this fall. For the first time in about 15 years, there will be no high school football in Taylorsville on Friday nights. Renovations to the athletic field and complex aren’t complete, meaning home football games had to be moved.
    Thankfully, Nelson County High School made a generous offer to allow Spencer County to use their field and stadium for home games. While that will mean a little extra drive time, it shouldn’t automatically mean the crowds have to be small.

  • It's State Fair time!

    The Kentucky State Fair kicks off later this week and it’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the Commonwealth.
    Famed Kentucky author Jesse Stuart spoke with great love for his native state, and often talked about the many diverse regions of Kentucky. From the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, the Knobs region of south central Kentucky, and the Western Kentucky coalfields, along with others, Stuart recognized the diversity of culture within this state.

  • Red flags often ignored

    It’s one of the most hotly debated topics of our time and it dominates the national conversation in the wake of nearly every mass shooting. So it’s no surprise that in a period of just about one week where we saw at least four multiple shootings (yes, I’m counting Chicago) that left more than three dozen people dead, gun control is again  in the spotlight.
    This time however, there seems to be a bit more momentum on some fronts, most notably on the issue of Red Flag laws. Many see that as a positive. Some see it as dangerous. I see it as both.