Today's Opinions

  • LETTER: Mechanic says thank you for the thank you

    So, I found myself looking at the front page of the Magnet and saw an article about the helpful people of Taylorsville.
    I am Eathan, one of the trusty mechanics, mentioned in the article. I just wanted to say thanks to Sue and all the people that tried to help her.
    Sue is one of our longtime customers at the station at Smith’s that I have met in my four years I’ve been working here at the station.
    It is always a pleasure to do work for her. Sue is always friendly and courteous and always has a story to tell.

    Eathan Roehrig

  • LETTER: Vote your values

    In three weeks, we the citizens of the United States of America, will be asked to determine whether this country will be “One Nation Under God” as it was created to be, by our founding fathers, or whether we will fall into the same trap as our European socialist neighbors and become just one more of the many secular countries that are devolving into moral decay and economic chaos.  

  • LETTER: Thanks for support in Louisville Diabetes Walk

    On behalf of my family and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, a sincere thank you.
    Sept. 29 was The Greater Louisville Diabetes Walk at Churchill Downs. We had 7,000 people in attendance and over 300 were from Spencer County.
    We are especially grateful to our local businesses for making generous donations. Thank you to the SCMS Dance Team, the SCHS Drum Line, Cheerleaders and Dance Team for coming out and supporting the walk.

  • LETTER: Support Kim King

    I am proud to share my conservative principles with the State Representative of the 55th District, Kim King.
    A district representative is our connection to state government, and beyond to the federal level, and I believe she represents us well.
    King takes her personal pride of our community into state government, representing us, as Kentucky continues to play its vital role in the nation. King’s principles guide her to attract new business and good paying jobs to our community, as she embraces economic development, not condemns it.

  • LETTER: Thanks for help with Elk Creek Benefit

    On Sept. 22, we had the inaugural Elk Creek Benefit Event with the American Red Cross/Military Disaster Relief Fund.  We have a great community that we live in and we would like to give a special thank you to the following for their donations and help with putting on this successful event.

  • LETTER: Fiscal Court should spend our tax money wisely

    I read in The Spencer Magnet this week that we had a lot more foreclosures. Have we ever asked ourselves what causes all of this bankruptcy and foreclosures? Could it be our tax structure is so high, we do not have enough money to meet our obligations?

  • LETTER: Vote Nation for County Clerk

    Are you struggling to make a decision about this year’s election? Let me give you a little information that might help you out. The County Clerk’s race is surely to be a hot topic for the next couple of weeks.

  • Thanks to our team behind the team

    Last week, we ran a photo on our sports pages that showcased the “water girls” for the Spencer County High School football team. The photo was labeled “A team behind the team,” and I erroneously left out the girls’ names from the cutline information.
    You’ll find that same photo in the paper this week with those names included to make good on my mistake. This photo, submitted to us by Spencer Countian Ed Curry, inspired me to give a shout out to some of the team members behind our team here at The Magnet.