Today's Opinions

  • COLUMN: Paul: ‘Armed defense’ is only proposal to deter ‘armed madman’

    Every time I listen to the parents of the children who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary, I am profoundly sad. I have three boys and the grief and pain that a parent feels when their child is taken is hard to fathom. I can only imagine the magnitude of their grief.

  • LETTER: Noticing a neighbor

    I want to say a couple of things about Scott Travis. He is always stepping up for Taylorsville. My family and I know him as a neighbor and friend. Everyone knows he is a farmer, which is a 24/7 job, but this man will stop to help and talk to you. I want him to know how much we appreciate him. There are not many like him.
    Scott we love and appreciate you for your everyday love and friendship. You deserve to be noticed. You’re the greatest.

    Terry, Jane and Donnie Smith
    Spencer County

  • LETTER: Thank you to the family, friends of Bernard Lilly

    Recently, our community lost a wonderful soul with a giving spirit. Even in his passing, Bernard Lilly was thinking of a way to give back. His family requested that memorial gifts be sent to Spencer County Habitat for Humanity. We would just like to thank those who honored his request and his wife, Teresa, who supported his wishes.

  • COLUMN: We’re among heroes every day

    I spent Friday night on the couch trying to fight off what has now become a full-fledged cold. So much for that, but it’s not like I would have moved from in front of the tv anyway. When my eyes weren’t reading the latest tweets to stay updated, they were glued to the national new stations as America awaited the capture of a terrorist.
    Once the suspects in the April 15 Boston Marathon bombings were identified, law enforcement officials in and around Boston spent hour after hour trying to capture them.

  • LETTER: Antenna timeline

    Jan. 2, 2012, Antennas Unlimited provided Bill Karrer a job estimate to construct a 250-foot ROHN 45G antenna tower. Nothing in Fiscal Court had been mentioned about an antenna tower or new radio system yet. Obviously Bill Karrer, the fiscal court judge, requested the estimate sometime in 2011.

  • LETTER: Vote Mann for Salt River Electric director

    My husband, Darwin Thomas, proudly represented Spencer County as Salt River Electric director for about 20 years.
    Last year when he became ill, Darwin put a lot of thought into who he considered a dependable leader to complete his term as director for the county. The person Darwin nominated was Garry Mann. His fellow SRE directors agreed and voted to appoint Garry to the position to complete Darwin’s term.

  • COLUMN: Spring has sprung and it’s time to thaw out and recycle

    We have seen a break in the cooler temperatures we have had since March, so we can now plan our events. Our non-profit groups are in the middle of our Spring Roadside Litter Cleanup, so the warmer weather will be an aid for their efforts.
    If you have a collection of outdated, not needed private files accumulated (think old tax returns) do not forget that this coming Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon, the Spencer County Public Library will host the Shred It Company, which offers free shredding for your old private papers. The truck will be at the library parking lot.

  • COLUMN: Lessons learned from tragedy

    On Sept. 11, 2001, I was a junior in high school. If I took you back to my hometown and we walked the halls of Bell County High, I could point to the spot where I stood when I heard about the first plane hitting the World Trade Center. I could walk you through the classrooms I sat in and watched the nonstop coverage of the attacks on America. I could recall the sick feeling in my stomach and the fear racing through my mind.
    Eleven years and seven months later, that same sick feeling returned to me as I sat at my desk here at The Spencer Magnet.