Today's Opinions

  • Suggestion for using old Magnets

    We love hearing from our readers, many of whom present us with some unique ideas of what we can do with our paper. Some of them are even printable, like this suggestion:

    Suggestion for using old Magnets

    Every year for many years now, I wrap my presents with the old Spencer Magnets.
    I love it. I even draw pictures of a bow on them.
    It all began one day when I was short of wrapping paper. I remembered Grandma used to use old paper grocery bags to wrap presents. So I saw a Magnet and said why not.

  • Centuries of Thankfulness

    Nearly 400 years ago, the first Thanksgiving was celebrated when a small settlement of 50 Pilgrims invited about 90 Indians for a feast to celebrate the friendly ties among the two peoples, and to give thanks to God for helping the small settlement survive a very harsh winter as they prepared to endure the second.

  • Local Veteran thanks schools for Veterans’ Day celebrations

    As a veteran, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all thoe who helped in the Veterans Day programs at all four of our local schools, especially the students. Also, a big thank you to the students who participated in placing the flags on veterans’ graves at Valley Cemetery.
    It was evident from attending each of these programs that the students and those who helped them, worked very hard to bestow respect and honor on all the veterans who attended.

  • Boo Humbug

    Trick-or-Treating wasn’t always a thing. There was a time when Halloween saw much more crime and chaos than chocolate and candy. That seemed to change after WWII and the tradition of visiting neighborhoods seemed to flourish for a few decades.

  • Yates family thankful field named in honor of brother

    Thank you, Robert and Jeanie Smith, for donating property to the Spencer County Youth Football Association in memory of our brother, Jimmy Yates, better known as “Frog.”
    You asked the family several years ago if the football field could be named in his honor and memory. We are pleased his name will live on for years to come.
    Hopefully, everyone will remember all veterans, especially as Veterans Day approaches. Be sure to thank a veteran for their service.
    The Yates Family
    Jerald, Phillip, Dale and Darrell

  • Reader praises the 2018 Resource Directory

    Congratulations on the 2018-2019 Resource Directory.
    I have seen several of the surrounding counties’ directories and, while they are very nice, they do not compare to Spencer County’s directory.
    Your guide truly has the correct title – Resource Directory. It gives all the necessary information to anyone locating to our county.
    I am a native Spencer Countian and I still enjoy the directory and keep it as a reference tool.

  • Character matters when it comes to public officials

    To the Editor,
    If you are a mom, dad, grandparent or without children and grandchildren, please give the following some thought.
    In November of 2014, more than 2,000 Kentuckians were elected to local, state and national public service offices.
    Of these 2,000 plus public servants, there was only one previously convicted drug felon.

  • Reader says change needed in Judge’s office

    With just a few weeks before election day, I become more concerned for the future of our community. As I reflect on the past four years, I see only disappointment. That is particularly true when I reflect on the performance of our judge executive, John Riley. When he first took office, I like many was hopeful that we would be able to move the community forward. I can not think of anything that he has done in the past four years that has had a positive impact in our community. He does not have the leadership skills or character to serve as our judge executive.