Adam Light and Logan Light participated in the Dairy Goat Show at the Kentucky State Fair.  In the skill-a-thon contest, Logan Light was 2nd in the intermediate division and Adam Light was 1st in the senior division.

    Justin Pietz and Adam Pietz participated with Justin placing fifth in the junior division of the skill-a-thon. Adam exhibited the Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat in the 4-H Show with his junior doe.

  • If you think spring is the best time to take soil samples, you might want to rethink that. Fall is actually the optimum time to take soil samples for fertility analyses.

  • While I will admit that half of my vegetable garden looks dreadful, the other half is holding steady because we mulched paths with a heavy layer of wood chips, filled unplanted beds with cover crops and have weeded the rest by hand and hoe.  I started using cover crops about 8 years ago and I am sold on the multi-purpose usefulness.  

  • Who doesn’t love bulbs, especially daffodils, a sure sign that we have made it through winter. You can fill an entire spring season with daffodils by choosing early through late bloomers.  But if you want a more diverse display consider adding some other spring and summer bulbs to the garden this fall.

  • I hope that you can take some time out of your Saturday afternoon on September 17 and join us for our inaugural “Meet Your Neighbor” Farm Tour.  

    We want to highlight some of the many agriculture and horticulture operations we have here in Spencer County.  On the tour, you’ll see some traditional and non-traditional ventures, including animals and crops, at the 6 different stops.


    Congratulations to Kelly Baird, Jack Baird, Haley Butler, Sadie Janisko, and Shelby Butler for exhibiting their Jersey’s at the Kentucky State Fair 4-H and FFA Dairy Show.  They did an outstanding job.  They not only showed their animals, but participated in showmanship and the skill-a-thon contest.

    Christopher Drury participated in the KY State Fair 4-H Tractor Operations Contest on Thursday, August 29th.   Congratulations to Christopher for representing Spencer County well.

  • Moss no longer carries the stigma of being an undesirable plant.  Some still refer to it as a problem but largely folks are accepting of this somewhat opportunistic plant.  Moss likes it shady and moist, and we don’t always have the moisture to maintain a nice lush garden of it.  This year is certainly the exception.

  • A familiar face to many Kentucky grain producers recently was named director of the University of Kentucky Grains Center of Excellence. Chad Lee, UK grain crops extension specialist, began his new role Aug. 1.


    Basket 6” or Less

    Ardia Herndon    Blue    1st
    Shirley Thomas    Red    2nd

    Basket 8” or larger

    Shirley Thomas    Blue    1st
    Mary F. Catlett    Red    2nd
    Ardia Herndon    White    3rd

    Basket with Ceramic or Wooden


    Pvt. Gregory Barkham successfully completed Basic Combat Training at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma and graduated on August 19, 2016. He is now a senior at Spencer County High School and will complete his training at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas upon graduation next spring. He is the son of Greg and Angela Barkham.




    The first day of preschool for Spencer County children was August 24.

  • Way back in the dark ages, I began my research making notes on loose-leaf paper, and then “graduated” to using printed  forms. Two forms will get you started:

    • Ancestor Charts, or Pedigree Charts. There are many varieties available for free download from the internet; search for Genealogy Charts. Your local library may have printed forms that you may photocopy for your use. Remember the “rules” – full names, three-letter abbreviation for the month in dates, the county name for each event.


    Fifth graders at Taylorsville Elementary School recently participated in seminars to teach them how to combat bullying. Each year, the school instructs fifth graders how to stand up for themselves in calm and safe ways. The school employed the help of district employees and members of the community to help in the event.


    Seniors from the Spencer County High School football team recently showed up at Taylorsville Elementary School to greet students as they arrived in the morning.

  • Bellarmine University has named Taylorsville, KY resident Cheyenne McKinley to the dean’s list for the  Spring 2016. McKinley is a junior majoring in Nursing, and previously attended Spencer County High School. Bellarmine Dean’s List recognizes students who receive a grade point average of 3.5 or above on a 4.0 scale. She is the daughter of Craig and Michelle McKinley.



    Apple Peeler
    Paula Zolty        Blue    1st
    John Zolty        Red    2nd
    Pat Douglas         Blue    1st
    Hammered Aluminum Piece
    Luke Brewer        Blue    1st
    Paula Zolty        Red    2nd

  • If you plan accordingly, you can have more than mums blooming in your fall garden.  There are a considerable number of other “late-bloomers” to choose from for the perennial garden. Coreopsis, salvia, dahlias and helianthus continue to bloom well into fall just as the caryopteris, Japanese anemone, sedum, ageratum, golden rod and sweet autumn clematis start to show their color.  Couple all these perennials with asters, and your garden will keep you entertained through October.