• Last Wednesday the staff of the Spencer Magnet took to the street, so to speak, with our kiosk at the Country Mart in Taylorsville.
    Every year we hosts kiosks in order to show new subscribers what the Spencer Magnet has to offer. It is always great to make new friends, and of course to see old friends.

  • Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it is, for most of us, the Christmas season.
    While we all acknowledge it at different times – some barely waiting for the dishes to be cleared from Thanksgiving dinner, if they even make it that long, and others not putting up a tree or singing carols until Christmas Eve — it’s coming.

  • Regular readers of the Spencer Magnet know that every two weeks we put up a new online poll for readers to share their thoughts with us online. This week, for instance, a new question has been added for your consideration.
    Our polls are primarily provided for the entertainment of our readers and we attach no scientific validity to the results of our poll. That being said we always find the poll results interesting and many times they are actually fairly accurate regarding the outcome of certain activities.

  • Reader wants
    politicians to bury the hatchet
    Now that the 2014 elections are over, I feel it is appropriate for us to reflect on the accomplishments of our current County Judge Executive Bill Karrer. Judge Karrer has been bashed and ridiculed from several sides during this election process, many of those comments being either false or over stated. He took over his responsibilities during a difficult time in 2010. A time when our elected officials had allowed the infrastructure of the county to deteriorate in many key areas.

  • It is that time of year again. Time when the Spencer Magnet rolls out its Holiday Cash Contest, where readers can enter for one of ten chances to win $100 by simply picking out pictures from ads provided by our local retailers.
    The idea of the contest is not only to give you, the reader, a chance at winning money, but to focus your attention on our many local retailers who help keep money flowing through our local community.

  • For our twenty fifth wedding anniversary my wife and I were able to go to Paris. It was a wonderful trip, but while we were there I once again realized I am not as smart as I sometimes think I am.

  • by Jimmy Higdon

  • by Jimmy Higdon

  • The headline of this week’s editorial is a little misleading in that while the two things mentioned above do go together, they don’t really compliment each other very well.

  • Another election season has come and gone and today brings with it both happiness and sorrow. For many, this election has been hard fought and at times a little dirty, but what election isn’t. Voters have stepped up to the polls and made their decisions known and yet the real question remains. Where do we go from here?

  • Magnet, construction firm get kudos
    Just a note to say “thank you” for allowing the three fine ministers to contribute to the Magnet. Of three different denominations, their writings all teach the same, Jesus as the only way of salvation from our sinful natures so we may have access to the holy God and how to live out that life by faith. I learn from them every week.

  • Citizen wants changes to grandparent’s rights

  • We have finished our political debate for this political season and I am glad to say that I, for one, am glad it is past us. Planning and scheduling a political debate is a lot of work. The Spencer Magnet Publisher Lynette Mason, Graphics Designer Jeff Sopland and myself put in hours of work to get the debate up and off the ground and with just a few little snafus, we think it went pretty well.

  • I was saddened last week to learn of the passing of Noreen Love Day at the age of 100. While I realize that her time had come, one of her last comments to me was, “I am ready for my eternal rest,” it still always saddens me when someone passes, especially when it is someone I only had the pleasure of speaking with one time.
    If you will recall, we published a story a few weeks back on Mrs. Day’s life, beginning in Canada and following a path that eventually led her back to her fatherland, Kentucky.

  • by Sen. Jimmy Higdon